Michelle’s Diamond Earrings


On election night, the First Lady elect wore these $11,000 diamond encrusted earrings by Loree Rodkin to accessorize her red and black Narciso Rodriquez dress – that’s diamond encrusted, triple dangle, white gold, with pear, oval, and marquee shapes.  I would mention poor ole Auntie Zeit in the Boston housing project, but that wouldn’t be nice.  I’m sure dress and earrings will be auctioned, with the money going to one of the Obama’s many charities.  Uh-huh.

(Vogue UK:   http://www.vogue.co.uk/jewellery/news/081107-michelle-obama-in-loree-rodkin.aspx )

One thing about it, Ms. Loree has another notch in her belt.  In September ’08, she already claimed celebrity clients such as Cher, her friend of 30 years, Elizabeth Taylor, Rihanna, Madonna, Mary J. Blige, and  Elton John.  She is a native of Chicago, now based in L.A.  Loree Rodkin profile:  http://www.loreerodkin.com/profile.html

More of her designs here:


But I’m savin’ my money for this one –


Posted:  11.16.08


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3 responses to “Michelle’s Diamond Earrings

  1. goiman

    I know this isn’t the point, but they are hideous looking as was that ugly dress she wore.

    They tried to make it sound like she had been shopping at Kmart, a real down-to-earth, middle class Mom who couldn’t afford the fancy stuff. Well, that’s a crock now isn’t it!


  2. goiman

    Oh, and how about the nerve MSM had picking on Palin! Notice how Michelle my Belle gets away with everything.


  3. diogenes

    I think the reason Sarah Palin was “picked on” was because RNC money was used to buy Sister Sarah’s wardrobe, as welll as wardrobes for her husband, her kids, her kid’s “fiance” and just about any resident of Wasilla, apparently.

    And, while I don’t know who paid for Michelle Obama’s earrings (and I don’t really care, unless my donations to the campaign were involved, as they would have been had I contributed to McCain-Palin) and I doubt you do , either, but I would be willing to bet that Michelle’s wearing the earrings is probably like the jewelry worn by actresses at various awards shows: they are loaned the jewelry by the creator, or the store selling the stuff, in exchange for the publicity given to the jewelry. I doubt they were purchased, and I doubt they’ll have to be auctioned.


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