Friars Club Roast of Matt Lauer

Just ran across this from back in October.  Some pretty good jokes and some familiar names.

matt-lauer-jtm-028006  Matt Lauer

Al Roker served as Roastmaster at this year’s Friars Club Roast of his “Today Show” co-host and friend Matt Lauer.

The capacity crowd at the New York Hilton Grand Ballroom boasted dozens of celebrity guests –Lauer’s co-hosts, and Donald Trump, Martha Stewart, Howard Stern and “The Queen of Soul” Aretha Franklin, who sang the National Anthem.

A few good lines:

Sarah Palin’s wardrobe — “in Elliot Spitzer dollars, that’s three hookers and a pony.”

“Al Roker is Barack Obama’s second favorite weatherman, after Bill Ayers.”

“Al Roker claims he’s had his stomach stapled. To what? A refrigerator?”

Similarities between Lauer and Sarah Palin: “Both spend $150,000 on clothes; both got screwed by Katie Couric; and both wear women’s jeans.”


Matt Lauer bio:,_Matt/Biography/

Posted:  11.15.08

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