Hillary Wearing Mizrahi

Glamour Women of the Year Awards Show Clinton

Hillary Clinton attended the Glamour Women of the Year Awards wearing not a pantsuit, but a chocolate brown Isaac Mizrahi gown.

Oh, my.  She shoulda’ just gone to Target.

Posted:  11.13.08


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3 responses to “Hillary Wearing Mizrahi

  1. Bella someone dressed her then told her she looked great?

    In a Mud colored highwasted gown with her hair plastered flat to her head for an evening event.

    If you squint she looks like a hershey kiss.


  2. goiman

    OMG laree that’s too funny! She does. Oh my now I am feeling sorry for her. Nope she puts herself in these positions, I’m not getting sucked in to feeling sorry for her.



  3. sharpay

    Actually, it was Liz Miller at Bergdorf Goodman who dressed her, not Bella (I think you meant Huma, her chief of staff) Anyway, she looked better than she has in years.


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