What Was That Music at the End of Obama’s Acceptance Speech?

Curiosity.  At the end of President-Elect Barack Obama’s acceptance speech last night in Chicago, you will remember the music that was played.  All day I have been wondering, “what was that music?”

Found it.  It’s called “Titan’s Spirit”  written by Trevor Rabin for the 2000 movie, “Remember the Titans.”

It was also used to accompany the celebration and fireworks at Invesco Field after the DNC Convention.


Info about the movie, click below:


This video was removed, but this one has a bit of the song:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgr8sSczfeI

Posted:  11.05.08


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2 responses to “What Was That Music at the End of Obama’s Acceptance Speech?

  1. goiman

    They should have played the death march 😦


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