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Crime Scene Photos in the Gateway Case

Crime scene images taken hours after Steven and Michelle Andrews were found murdered in their Gateway home. These are photos of the interior and exterior of the house and of the couple’s son, two year old Lucusz, who was found unharmed in the home.  No bodies are shown but don’t click if you are squeamish.

Video below run on a Minnesota station, where the Andrews lived before moving to Florida:

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Lee County Gateway Murders – The Other Woman

A little digging has provided some depth into the personality of the only person in this tragedy who is left standing.

“Kellie Ballew, a former Bonita Springs resident, grieves in her own way. There’s a page devoted to her on

Several emails released show Steven was making plans to divorce his wife to be with his mistress. The two exchanged emails in a similar fashion to instant messaging. The night of the murder Ballew wrote, “I can’t wait till we can be in our own home and not have to sneak out to be with each other.”  At 10:28 p.m. Steven wrote back one final time, “I keep thinking about you. Talk soon.”

But, the person who created the Kellie page — if it is indeed Ballew — admits she’s not looking for a man.  She’s found one.  But, she is looking for friends.

A search of “Kellie Ballew” on produces the page and a disturbing title: “Luv to get dirty.”  Quite amazing, considering Ballew held the key to a love triangle that shocked Southwest Florida.

Ballew admitted to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office that she was romantically involved with Andrews, a married co-worker at Outdoor Productions in Bonita Springs.  Ballew even admitted that she had sex with Andrews in the office the night he was killed in his home.  Ballew broke off her relationship with Cooper because of Andrews.

The Sheriff’s Office’s theory is that Cooper went into a jealous rage, shooting Andrews in the head and then beating his wife.

Since the deaths and arrest, Ballew has moved to the Orlando area.

The picture on the Web page is definitely of Ballew (a former friend with an emphasis on former has confirmed it). Two e-mails to Kellie from the Daily News via the Web page have been read but there have been no replies.

But the page with the photo of Kellie, sporting a fresh bleached blond hairdo, sends a message calling out for new friends on

The personal blurb on the page reads: “I am a 26-year-old female, born and raised in Central Florida.  I enjoy hanging with friends, family and most of all my 5 year old pride and joy!  I have been working in Management and Accounting for 7 years and when I‘m not crunching numbers or spending time with the fam you can usually find me party hopping somewhere around Orlando with my friends. My motto – “Live life to the fullest, party hard and don‘t be afraid to get a little dirty along the way.“‘

Click on the Kellie Web site and the intentions are plainly heard. The Gretchen Wilson song, “Here for the Party” starts playing and the lyric, “Gonna get a little crazy just because I can,” rings loud.

There also are some interesting pictures on the Kellie site. There’s one of Kellie in a black bikini in front of the stove with the title, “How my honey likes me to make dinner….humm.”

And just who is her new beau?

He’s a hunky fireman.  How appropriate.  No, she’s not too hot to handle.  But she certainly needs someone to extinguish the still smoldering flames from her previous relationships.

Kellie apparently is burning a new trail and making new friends along the way.”

On April 11, 2006, Hanson reported that the My Space website for Kellie had disappeared about a day after the above was in the paper.

The website with Ballew’s picture on it was created on February 27, 2006, exactly two months after Steven and Michelle Andrews were murdered.

On October 18, 2008, the following from an Orlando paper:

“One of the most high-profile murder cases in history just ended in a hung jury, which will be retried, over the guilt of the accused, former Orlando resident Fred Cooper. Current Orlando resident Kellie Ballew is a major player as she was having an affair with Steven Andrews and fighting with Michelle Andrews, a married couple who were murdered in their home during the early hours of December 27th 2005.

“It was Kellie Ballew who pointed the Lee County Sheriff’s Office toward her live-in lover Fred Cooper, who is the father of their child Carly.

“Ms. Ballew and her fiance Joey Crisp, a used cars salesman, now live in Orlando and are planning on getting married on January 3, 2009 in Orlando.”

Don’t know what happened to the fireman mentioned in April, 2006.

This one is just waiting to be made into a Lifetime movie.


Here’s Fred Cooper in court during his trial.

New trial is set for February 17, 2009, in a new venue — Pinellas County.


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Double Murder in Lee County – Truth is Really Stranger Than Fiction

Gateway Murders…..

Nancy Grace has been on the Anthony missing child case now for what seems like months.  They have had riots in the streets, a strange bounty hunter or bondsman from Texas making an appearance, and Equa Search using the time and good-heartedness of hundreds of volunteers to look for Kaylee.  I don’t know how much longer she can produce an hour show each and every night on this story.  The child’s mother has done nothing but lie, and now I am beginning to believe there is something suspicious about the grandparents as well.

I’m not sure how they choose which story they will feature, but here’s one not too far in distance from the Anthony case, near Fort Myers at Bonita Springs, that is beyond wow in mystery and circumstances.  I would suggest Nancy Grace and Greta, too, get on this one.  But I am sure the authorities and the court are glad they are not featured on tv every night.

I saw a portion of this trial on Trutv this week.  I don’t know if they had aired it previously or not, but the trial actually took place during the first part of October, 2008.

michellesteve Michelle and Steve, victims

In a nut shell, a couple named Steve and Michelle were murdered in their home in an up-scale neighborhood the night after Christmas of 2005, a home still decked out for Christmas with a Christmas tree and three stockings still hung.  The couple had a small child who survived and it seems he somehow called 911 — or was it him or the killer because nobody spoke during the call.  He was about two years old at the time.

Steve had been killed by one shot in the head, and Michelle was beaten, strangled, and posed half-naked on the bedroom floor.

Second couple, Fred Cooper and Kellie Ballew, long-time boyfriend/girlfriend, who had a child between them, were having trouble in their relationship and Kellie was breaking up with Fred.  Why?  Because she was having an affair with Steve.  Well, here’s where it gets interesting.

Michelle had called Fred and they had met previously and Michelle had told him that she was sure that her husband, Steve, and Fred’s girlfriend were having an affair.  This all happened not too long before Christmas, the two couples had ended up sitting at the same table at a work Christmas party a little before Christmas.  Steve and Kellie worked at the same place.

On the 26th of December, with Steve’s parents in town from Minnesota at a motel, Steve met Kellie sometime that night at work, and they had sex.

Fred’s story is that he and Michelle had been talking about their problems and they, too, had met on the night of December 26th and had sex.  I think he said in the driveway of Steve and Michelle’s house, which sounds incredible, but maybe this was during the time Steve was with Kellie at their work place.

Fred is arrested for the murder.   Murder weapon was never found.  There’s some DNA evidence.

The October trial ended in a Mis-Trial.

Taking into consideration the facts of this case, my first thought was Steve killed Michelle and then shot himself in the head.  Apparently they ruled that scenario out, probably because there was no weapon found at the scene.  Still it seems that Michelle was the one who was the target instead of Steve.

Did Fred do it?  Will the case be retried?

See more of the story and some pictures @

Update: Second trial moved to Pinellas County set for February 17, 2009.

Kellie Bellew – the other woman

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Happy Thanksgiving To All!


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President Bush Pardons Two Turkeys in Rose Garden Ceremony (Update)

I just looked back at the headline and laughed.  REAL turkeys, not two scoundrels, as it may at first appear.  🙂

President Bush granted clemency this morning in a special Rose Garden ceremony to two distinguished White House guests: The National Thanksgiving Turkey.  The President said they had been named Pumpkin and Pecan, and are from the Hill Farm in Ellsworth, Iowa.

This custom has reportedly been observed by U. S. Presidents since the time of Harry Truman.  Snopes. com says the practice goes back to the Abraham Lincoln.

President Bush said that one of the turkeys, or maybe he said both, will be flown first class to Disneyland Resort in Southern California, where he will be the grand marshal of “Disney’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.” After the parade, guests will be able to visit the turkey in Frontierland section.


This reminds me of the media storm (yet another one) when Sarah Palin was interviewed at the turkey farm recently where she had gone, as governor, to pardon a turkey, and the horror with which the out of touch and irrational MSM went wild because the turkeys were actually being slaughtered.  MSNBC blurred out the background of the video as if it was not fit for human eyes to see, when, in fact, having seen the video, blurring deleted, it was nothing really.  A man holding a turkey.  That was it.

Reality check — turkeys do have to be slaughtered and so does every other kind of animal — hog, chicken, cow, whatever — in order to be eaten.  Sounds simplistic to say, but it would appear that some think maybe the meat they buy in the grocery store is manufactured in a plant somewhere.

Well, unless a person is a vegetarian, that person has certainly eaten plenty of slaughtered meat.   It wasn’t that long ago when people had to kill and dress their own meat if they were to have any.  I think they still do a lot of that in Sarah Palin’s Alaska.  So anybody who is offended at this should consider becoming a vegan, if they are not already one.

According to the U. S. Department of Agriculture, more than 45 million turkeys are cooked and eaten in the U.S. at Thanksgiving—that’s one sixth of all turkeys sold in the U.S. each year. American per capita consumption of turkeys has soared from 8.3 pounds in 1975 to 18.5 pounds in 1997. Ten years later, the number has dropped slightly in 2007 to 17.5 pounds.

That’s seven and a half pounds per person!  But I am sure no one at MSNBC or at Huffington Post has EVER eaten any turkey. 🙂

UPDATE:  At 10:58, approximately, on Thanksgiving Eve night, Keith Olbermann just blessed us with a re-run of the Sarah Palin turkey tape, not blurred out this time, but with the added attractions of scenes in the background full of blood splattering and bloody hands and other bloody scenes of destruction that had nothing whatever to do with the original scene.  I would call it a “remix.”  And disgusting it was.

What a unscrupulous man Olbermann is.  I saw him earlier this week, a flash of him, that is, with Martha Stewart.  I was able to turn the channel pretty quickly, but I think he was — guess what?  stuffing a turkey!!  Here you have it, or at least a portion of his appearance with Martha.  The two of them — one of the biggest liars on the face of the earth and the convicted felon jailbird, criticizing one of the most upstanding persons to ever run for public office.  You can’t make it up,

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Robert Gates to Stay on as Defense Secretary

Seeking experience in a time of war, President-elect Barack Obama will keep Defense Secretary Robert Gates in that job — if only temporarily — and he has chosen a retired Marine general to be his national security adviser, officials said Tuesday.

Gates and retired Gen. James Jones bring years of experience to the Cabinet of a 47-year-old commander in chief with a relatively thin foreign policy resume.

Gates, a moderate with long-standing ties to Republican administrations and the Bush family, would fulfill an Obama pledge to include a Republican in his Cabinet.

As Obama’s choice for national security adviser, Jones has impeccable military credentials, an ambassador’s polish and an imposing physical presence at 6 foot 4 inches.

The sources spoke on condition of anonymity because Obama has not authorized anybody to discuss the deliberations.

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Is the Honeymoon Already Over?

I am thinking, Where is the change?  What is he doing?

But Barack Obama hasn’t been sworn in and already some of his supporters are sounding a little disgruntled.  I was for McCain/Palin, no secret about that, but even I am not being too critical – at least not yet. 

For instance, this from a blogger at Firedoglake, who says, “The list of disappointments is getting long…..almost as long as Barack Obama’s arm that he used to take our money and efforts to get himself elected.  All we have seen is the short arm he has used to punch us in the face and collect street cred with villagers for having done so.”  Hmmm.

See the story and links at:

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