Bill Clinton Campaigns for Obama in Florida

KISSIMMEE, FLORIDA — “Look at this crowd – it’s not only big, it is highly diverse,” former President Bill Clinton told a crowd of 35,000 outside Orlando last night. “You even have a few white haired guys like me – you haven’t cut my demographic out!”

Clinton’s explanations of why Obama is qualified were interesting, to say the least.

“You know what he did?” Clinton said, heralding Obama’s reaction to the financial crisis. “First he took a little heat for not saying much. I knew what he was doing. He talked to his advisers – he talked to my economic advisers, he called Hillary. He called me. He called Warren Buffet. He called all those people, you know why? Because he knew it was complicated and before he said anything he wanted to understand.”

“If we have not learned anything we have learned that we need a president that wants to understand and who can understand,” Clinton said.

“The second thing – and this meant more to me than anything else, and I haven’t cleared this with him and he may even be mad at me for saying this so close to the election – but I know what else he said to his economic advisers – he said, ‘Tell me what the right thing to do is. What’s the right thing for America? Don’t tell me what’s popular, you tell me what’s right, I’ll figure it out and sell it.’

“That’s what a president does in a crisis,” Clinton said, “what is right for America.”

Well, this is what Jeremiah Wright, Barack’s dearly beloved pastor, had to say about Bill:  [Some say]  “Hillary is married to Bill and Bill has been good to us.  No he ain’t.  He did us just like he did Monica Lewinsky.  He was ridin’ dirty.”

Too funny:  Black Oak Arkansas Jim Dandy to the Rescue: (H/T laree)

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