A Robot for Obama


Well, we’ve all heard Obama supporters called Obamabots, but this takes the cake!  🙂
ObamaBot, a nearly 6-foot-tall, student-made robot, drew a crowd of followers in its wake like a marching band conductor on wheels, waving its android arms with campaign posters from side to side in response to the remote control toggling of one of its creators.

Camilo Buscaron, a UF sophomore, and Andres Vargas, a mechanical engineering graduate student, worked with Hood during their machine intelligence lab behind closed doors.

The machine is the result of two weeks of construction and $250 of their own funds. After three all-nighters during the final stages of assembly, ObamaBot could blink its eyes, move its arms and roll and rotate 360 degrees at 4 mph.


Posted:  10.30.08

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