Seems Very Few People Make More Than $250,000 a Year

But is that something to celebrate about?

I’ve seen a few occasions lately where either Barack Obama or Joe Biden asks the crowd, in a mocking manner, how many of you make less than $250,000 a year.  And almost everybody’s hand goes up.  Or how many plumbers do you know who make over $250,000?  And everybody is laughing and applauding as if it is the biggest joke ever told.  What’s to be so proud of?

Something about that scene just really hits me the wrong way.  It’s not how many make more than $250,000 a year but how many would like to make that much.  That’s what Joe the Plumber was talking about.  Not that he made that much, but that he wanted to some day.  This is America.  Anything is possible.  And for asking a question, he got investigated.  And I have heard the argument that it was McCain’s fault for bringing him up without “vetting” him.  But just don’t go there.  Nobody has the right to investigate a private citizen like that.  He has plenty of grounds for a lawsuit and I hope he sues.  Maybe he’ll get his $250,000 or more after all.

And so what are we going to get from Mr. Obama for that negative distinction?  No tax increase?  A tax cut?  A government check?  Maybe, at most, $1000 a year.  I mean, how little are we willing to trade for the American dream and the American way of life?

I was extremely opposed to the bailout because I believe it was caused at its core by the forced lending of money to those who had no ability to pay it back.  There’s a lot of dishonestly going on there and I hate it.  But the answer to owning a home is having the opportunity to make more money so one can truly afford it.  I wish everybody made over $250,000 a year.  But how does it help a person to give them something they can’t afford and then come back a few years later and take it back?

In so many ways, Barack Obama just doesn’t seem to see America as I do.  I believe the least dependence a person has on the federal government, the better.  And why his choice of words in a recent speech, “the American people have been vindicated?”  What were we accused of?  Somehow when he speaks it seems he is referring to Americans as some great unwashed mass that he is not a part of.

And then I hear him complaining about the Constitution, the same Constitution he is supposed to Preserve, Protect, and Defend, the one that gives him and all of us our rights in this country.  And Joe Biden says, “the world is watching.”  That we will have an international crisis to test Obama’s mettle, he guarantees it.

If he is elected, there will be change, all right.  A lot more change than I want to see.  I don’t want “real and lasting change.”

Vote McCain/Palin.

(I’ve already voted for them, by the way – early voting.)

Oops, I just this minute heard him say the $250,000 is now down to under $200,000.

Posted:  10.29.08


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8 responses to “Seems Very Few People Make More Than $250,000 a Year

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  2. Bella this is funny,

    I like this one from the Onion. Obama undertakes Presidential Internship program. He interns with the President of Spain.


  3. bellalu0

    That’s a good one, Laree. The McCain one was funny as well. Thanks for the laugh.


  4. Bella,

    This one is good too, from Not Another Imus Blog.

    This one made me laugh out loud, you have to read it to the end.


  5. its simple math.
    According to the 2007 US Census, there are 1,086,000 people with reported incomes of $250,000 per year or more.
    If Obamie taxes them at 100% he would get somewhere between $400-500 billion (some people make considerable more than $250k per year).
    Now that’s a lot of money, but it pales to insignificance compared to the TRILLIONS this National Socialist is planning to spend.
    Simple math. Middle class Americans earn over $10 Trillion per year, every year.
    That’s $10 trillion per year in TAXABLE income.
    2007 budget was $2.77 Trillion.
    If you took ALL the money from ALL the rich people, it would only run this country for 6 weeks.
    Then what??
    Middle class Americans are the ONLY group of people in the world that can pay that kind of money.
    Obamie is LYING when he says middle class Americans aren’t going to foot the bill for his National Socialist spending.



  6. Tim

    I’ve heard Obama called a lot of wildly inaccurate things, but I think Stitch’s accusation that he is a Nazi is the funniest yet. Unless “National Socialist spending” consists of building up an army, navy and airforce to take over the world, I think you’re barking up the wrong tree.


  7. Anonymous

    This original post entitled, “Seems Very Few People Make More Than $250,000 a Year,” was written a couple of years ago (before Obama was elected). However, I just came across it today 7/16/11) , …and just have to comment, in case anyone is still following this. The reference to Obama sneering at people who make $250K or less could not be more unstable and miscalculated. He was NOT sneering at people for not making that kind of money, …he was pointing out the REALITY – the FACT – that not many people do. …and that is the problem. He encourages people to do better, he tries extremely hard to contribute to creating jobs with infrastructure, alternative energy projects, etc, ..which would enable MORE people to work and more people to INCREASE their own life style. And above all else, his point regarding the quote of $250K as being the ceiling for which he would tax income, was to allow those who don’t already make that much to be given a tax break so they CAN increase their life style, and hopefully, ultimately rise to where they CAN make that and even more. By now, we all have seen who is STOPPING progress in Congress. It is the filibustering going on by the Republicans who are preventing jobs being created in our country. I hope by now anyone who participated in this conversation understands how misguided it was.


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