A Message of Unity, Peace, and Love by Jeremiah Wright

Don’t Tell Me Words Don’t matter

Posted:  10.28.08


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2 responses to “A Message of Unity, Peace, and Love by Jeremiah Wright

  1. There is a hanging effigy of Gov Sarah Palin, in Hollywood, California, the Sheriff says the guy doesn’t have to take it down.
    Sarah Palin meets 3 of the requirements for a Hate Crime, Gender, Religious affiliation and Political affiliation. So why is it still hanging there, and why haven’t Senator Joe Biden or Senator Barack Obama, demanded it be taken down?


    Senator Joe Biden “Violence Against Women Act” video below, Isn’t Gov Sarah Palin a woman, doesn’t she deserve to be protected?


  2. bellalu0

    Well, once again, it seems women should be protected — unless it’s a conservative woman.


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