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Why Was Obama Comfortable With This?

Jeremia Wright – Obama’s mentor, advisor, and inspiration:

And Barack Obama said he didn’t think his church of 20 years was particularly controversial.  How about this message of “unity” for you!?!  Mr. Obama said he has enormous respect for this man.

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Marxist Roots of Black Liberation Theology

Ever wonder, as I have, why Barack Obama chose the Trinity United Church – that specific church – and Jeremiah Wright, as his mentor, and why he felt comfortable there for so many years?

In a recent interview, Obama has stated that he does not regret the “spread the wealth around” remark and has, in fact, embraced it.  If you review the origins and roots of the Black Liberation Thelogy, it becomes clear why he was not at all uncomfortable at Trinty.   There are shared core beliefs.  Common sense would tell you that, but now there is proof.

Excerpts from article written by Anthony B. Bradley, a research fellow at the Acton Institute, and assistant professor of apologetics and systematic theology at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis:

One of the pillars of Obama’s home church, Trinity United Church of Christ, is “economic parity.” On the website, Trinity claims that God is not pleased with “America’s economic mal-distribution.” Among all of controversial comments by Jeremiah Wright, the idea of massive wealth redistribution is the most alarming. The code language “economic parity” and references to “mal-distribution” is nothing more than channeling the twisted economic views of Karl Marx.


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