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To a Fun and Crazy Halloween 

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We Don’t Want a Leftist in the White House


We don’t want a leftist in the White House.
The last thing we need is that political fright-house.
Thinkin’ that it’s healthy
To stick it to the wealthy,
While small business goes in the pits.
Black, white or yellow doesn’t matter.
We don’t want four years of your socialist blather.
Barack Obama
Won’t you save us the trauma?
Just pack it up and call it quits.

Take these social programs and stick ’em.
You show all these goodies to the voters just to trick ’em.
You’ll just tax and spend,
World without end,
While you’re makin’ even more of a mess.
We’re just clingin’ to our guns and religion.
When it comes to common sense, well you ain’t got a smidgen.
You’re the U.N.-lovin’,
No-drillin’, tree-huggin’
Darlin’ of the liberal press.

We don’t want no leftists in the White House.
I’m tellin’ the truth, we don’t need ’em.
‘Cause if you’ve got a leftist in the White House
He’s gonna take your wallet and your freedom.

Your brother lives in squalor in Kenya,
But you never send that poor guy a nickel and then ya’
Have the gall to talk compassion.
You ought to get a thrashin’
For your phony, hypocritical tripe.
We don’t need a leftist in the White House.
Go talk to Tony Rezko and he’ll point you to the right house.
Barack Obama,
No, you’re not the Dali Lama.
You’re just spewin’ out political hype.

Compliments of Catfish Jones and ProteinWisdom.com


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