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Sarah’s New Clothes

Just another example of the way the press has gone after Sarah Palin is found in the reaction or over-reaction to the cost of her clothing and shoes and makeup and hair, stuff women young and old just love.  I don’t think there’s a woman alive who would not die for a celebrity make-over, even if they didn’t like the look and went back to their old self in a few days.

And I have no problem at all with Sarah looking her best on the campaign trail.  Especially since she has said they are not her property and will be given as charity or auctioned with the money given to a good cause.  I hope she keeps them, but Sarah has said that she has mainly shopped at a consignment shop in Wasilla and a shoe store she called the name of but I can’t remember right off the bat.  But, hey, I have no problem whatsoever if she gets a few things from Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue.  I’d shop there myself if I could get the chance.

But it is not so much the amount of money spent on the clothes but the tone with which it is reported.

Huffington Post:

“…..the revelation of the clothing expenditures offers what some Democrats see as a chance not just to win several news cycles during the campaign’s waning days but to severely damage Palin’s image as a small-town, ‘Joe Six-Pack’ American.

“It shows that Palin ain’t like the rest of us,” Tom Matzzie, a Democratic strategist told the Huffington Post, when asked how the party would or could use the issue. “It can help deflate her cultural populism with the Republican base. The plumber’s wife doesn’t go to Nieman’s or Saks.”

or the remarks from “Deal Divas”:

“On ‘What Not to Wear,’ Clinton and Stacy manage to build an entire wardrobe for their client for a mere $5,000.

Palinvalentino“But what is truly stunning is that Palin didn’t get more bang for her buck. Her style is smart, but uninspired. Remember the oatmeal jacket from the RNC convention?

“Turns out, it was a $2,500 Valentino.  We could have done just as well at Target for a fraction of the cost.

“Perhaps the true tragedy is that our hockey mom didn’t even get to enjoy her glam girl shopping spree. The clothes were picked out by consultants and have to be returned to the GOP, which will be donating them to charity.”


Compared to this from Luxaholics:

Michelle O – First Lady of Fashion

Referring to her “look” for the DNC speech:  “Lisa Pinto says of Michelle’s confident look, “Michelle’s style can best be described as timeless. Choosing items that are always modern and chic, Mrs. Obama possesses a natural and unpretentious sophistication, which is reflected in her clothing.”


“Michelle Obama’s style has been nothing short of stellar since her husband announced his candidancy. The dress worn last night by Thakoon, a VOGUE favorite, made it clear why she recently made Vanity Fair magazine’s 69th Annual Best Dressed List. In the article she was dubbed “Commander In Sheath” for sporting fashion forward dresses in classic lines that are not typical First Lady attire.”


And the cost of Michelle’s stellar style?  I don’t know.  I don’t think the Obama campaign released that little bit of information.

And who could forget the gush-fest Michelle Obama unleashed when she wore a $148 Donna Ricco dress on “The View” and told the audience, “You put a little pin on it and you’ve got something going on.” That little moment overshadowed all the thousand-dollar designer ensembles featuring Thakoon, Isabel Toledo and others that she has worn.

But as I said, it’s not so much the words but the tone.  The approval.  The disapproval.  But on second thought, it is about the words.  Michelle’s style is “timeless, modern, and chic.”  Sarah, her style is “smart but uninspired.”

And there is no bias? Nah.

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Sarah Palin Is One Strong Woman

What’s up with women like Kathleen Parker who now for the second time that I know of has written a negative article about Sarah Palin.  There’s nothing worse than a woman who is jealous of another woman.  But then how else can Ms. Parker get all that good press?  How else would her writing be received with such open arms on Huffington Post?

I wonder how history will view these women who tried to sabotage their own during this election season.

Remember Madeleine Albright’s words?  “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.”

I ran across the following article and it seems to get to the bottom of it.  Can you say envy? So disagree with her, fine, but there is no excuse for the all out campaign of personal destruction against her and her family.

But then again that brings me back to Saul Alinsky’s Rule #5 – Ridicule.  

 September 04, 2008 –  By Kyle-Anne Shiver

A couple of hours before Sarah Palin rocked the house in St. Paul last night, I caught a few minutes of Bill O’Reilly’s interview with Sally Quinn, who is front and center among the female media elites chastising Sarah Palin for her supposed inability to manage the demands of the Vice Presidency with the role of nurturer in chief among her own brood.

 We women are not known for our capacity to mind our own business.

As soon as I saw Sarah Palin take to the podium, though, Quinn and her minions’ disdain for the tough-as-nails-smooth-as-satin Alaskan governor became crystal clear.

They cannot stand her because she easily makes 4 or 5 of them. Palin is able to accomplish, with one arm seemingly tied behind her back, more real work with less complaint than nearly all the working liberal women in America. From liberal women, one hears nothing but complaint and woe-is-me tales of how unbearably hard their lives as women have been.

Sarah Palin doesn’t wallow; she doesn’t entertain pity for her lot.

She loves being a woman. She loves being a mother. She loves her husband. She loves America. And she certainly does not shy from hard work on the people’s behalf.

On those down-to-earth, solid-gold issues Sarah Palin made her speech last night to an all-American embrace that will not be soon forgotten.

Palin rules; Libs drool.

When Barack Obama’s campaign unleashed their first stab at Palin’s candidacy last Friday, by condescendingly mocking her experience as mayor of a town of 9,000, they opened the door to this Palin zinger:

“I was mayor of my hometown. And since our opponents in this presidential election seem to look down on that experience, let me explain to them what the job involves. I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a ‘community organizer,’ except that you have actual responsibilities.”

This line was delivered by Sarah Palin with such amazing aplomb that I wondered how many would be brave enough to point out how far this woman has surpassed the hyped-up charisma of Barack Obama. Not only does she best him on the experience issue, but she easily outflanks him on stage appeal. Not bad for one night’s work.

Palin rules; Libs drool.


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