Crying Wolf Too Many Times

Anybody who has been on the internet blogs for even a few weeks, or even a few days, knows that the moment there is a criticism of Senator Barack Obama, the attacks and the abuse is sure to come, usually in the form of being called a racist.  It is a tactic and a strategy, standard operating procedure.  One is not allowed to criticize Senator Obama.

Now, I see Representative John Lewis and John Rich, Maureen Dowd, the AP, the New York Times – and I’m sure CNN and MSNBC, though I haven’t checked in with them yet this morning – are carrying the water for Obama to try to make this into the 60’s.  Just now I see Mr. Axelrod on Fox whipping it up further, and Bill Burton has defended Lewis’ recent statements, both of them at the top of the list of Mr. Obama’s campaign advisers.

Rep. John Lewis, a Georgia Democrat and veteran of the civil rights movement, says the negative tone of the Republican presidential campaign reminds him of the hateful atmosphere that segregationist Gov. George Wallace fostered in Alabama in the 1960s.

In a statement issued Saturday, Lewis said McCain and running mate Sarah Palin were “sowing the seeds of hatred and division, and there is no need for this hostility in our political discourse.”

Oh, yeah, play that race card.

Of course, McCain named Representative Lewis as one of the three wise people he admired when he was asked in the Saddleback Forum.  Is that the “hate and division” he is talking about?  But I think McCain was wrong about that wise part.

But first of all, this is not the 60’s and Barack Obama isn’t even black.  He is equally as white as he is black.  If you read any of the posts I made or any number of others who have written about Obama’s connection with Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, it is pretty obvious there is a connection.  But where is the racism?  Last time I looked, Ayers and Dohrn are white, but still pretty much with the same opinion about America as they had back then, just managing not to set off any bombs.  And, yes, he was pal-ing around with them.

Secondly, people are getting mad and frustrated.  But mostly they are mad about the bailout (95% were and are against it) and the extreme bias of the media who has for the most part been an arm of the Obama campaign.  So Obama can’t be criticized.  If he is, the big guns are brought out.  But most of us have become immuned to it by now, but it is truly beyond the pale to attack McCain and the McCain campaign.

But just try to notice who it is who is really “sowing the seeds of hatred and division.”  Who is it who is really fanning the flames?  Who but the MSM loves to make race an issue more than life itself?  Whose pastor was it who screamed anti-American and racist speech?  The fondest desire of the media and some aging civil rights figures would be that they could bring back the 60’s.  After all, that was their day of glory.

Barack Obama has been treated with kid gloves.  If anyone should be reeling from insults it should be Sarah Palin.  As Kinky Friedman said recently, “She has been mocked more than anyone since Jesus Christ.”  But did the media defend her and call for the Obama supporters to lay off her?  No, they jumped right in.  Did anybody step up and blame Obama  for everything that was said and demand that he make them all stop?   Not hardly.  Did you hear David Gergen say, in his carefully modulated tone, that what was being said about Palin was “incendiary:”  Nah.

Take a look at this if you want to see an example of incendiary.

Things are beginning to come out about Obama’s ties to Ayers and Dohrn, about his buddies in Fannie and Freddie who were or are his financial advisers, his being the #2 recipient of Fannie and Freddie campaign contributions, his ties to ACORN and the voter fraud they are engaged in.  It’s getting hot in the kitchen.  So it’s time to ratchet up their last, best hope to shut it down – the cry of racism.

And who is surprised?

See this video of Senator Obama and his remarks concerning ACORN and “community organizers” in 2007.

But to inject a little humor into the situation, back in August Jon Stewart nailed it on the use of “the race card,” and I think it is appropriate now:  “Run, America, the giant black balls of Obama are upon us.”

Posted:  10.12.08


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11 responses to “Crying Wolf Too Many Times

  1. Bella

    I wonder if this above is poll driven? Do we get to hear more of the voter suppression in the MSM, when McCain goes up in the Polls?


  2. diogenes

    “… when McCain goes up in the polls”?????

    What dreamworld are you living in?????


  3. channelXRFR

    Dawg you ever get tired of being a knucklehead?


  4. bellalu0

    Sorry I missed that. I just noticed this, Ree.


  5. diogenes

    LMAO A “poll” on an Imus website?

    No, McBush and his followers aren’t panicking.

    How about Gallup? Quinnipiac?


    It’s over, pussycat. You got less than three weeks to come to grips with the facts…. I suggest you get started. As deeply as you’ve buried your head in the sand, it might take quite awhile to get it to surface again.


  6. bellalu0

    Yep, Joe Sixpack was the winner.


  7. diogenes

    It was Joe Plumber, not Joe Sixpack. Joe Sixpack was Sister Sarah’s nonsensical fictitious character. Joe Plumber is all McBush’s.

    And McBush needed to win this debate, not Joe. And McBush didn’t come close to winning. So it’s all over but the shouting.

    And, of course, finding out what Imus has to say, since he’s the preeminent political pundit in America.

    It’s been awhile since I lived in NJ and could listen to Imus, but he used to pride himself, somewhat, on his almost complete inability to pick political winners. He openly joked about it.

    Wanna bet that Dan Akroyd makes an appearance on SNL, reprising his old role as the plumber with the pronounced plumber’s crack?


  8. bellalu0

    Oh, I know that, diogenes.

    It was meant as a joke, combination of Joe the Plumber and Joe Sixpack. Geez. Where is your sense of humor?

    We’ll see about that shouting. McCain will win. All joking aside.

    And FYI Imus has been showering a whole lot of love on Obama.


  9. channelXRFR

    Hey Dawg, how about that Gallup ~ giddyup!


  10. diogenes

    Now, let me check the math, (yet another inappropriate word – deleted):

    Where I come from, 49% for Obama and 43% for McBush is…. a victory for Obama.

    And much more telling at this point than the meaningless nationwide popularity poll are the individual state polls, which more accurately reflect the electoral college.

    Obama 352, McBush 186.


    Obama 286, McBush 158, tossup 94.

    without tossups: Obama 364, McBush 174.



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