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“Living in the Heart of the Monster” – Bernadine Dohrn in 2007

Bernadine Dohn (Mrs. Bill Ayers) speaks at the 40 year “Students for a Democratic Society Reunion” held November 30, 2007.

How does Bernadine feel about America now as opposed to the 1960’s and 1970’s?  It is telling that she still refers to America as “The belly of the Beast” and  “The heart of the monster.”   See video clips here:


So even though she and her husband, Bill Ayers, may be considered by some to be respectable members of Chicago society, and Senator Obama refers to them as “mainstream,” I guess it depends on what the meaning of mainstream is.

Questions have been raised about an Obama/Ayers connection, but the paths of the wives, Michelle and Bernadine, crossed as well in the late 1980’s.   It has been reported that the two, Bernadine and Michelle worked at the law firm, Sidley Austin, around 1988, where Barack was mentored by Michelle in 1989.

Bernadine, who made it to the #2 spot on the FBI Most Wanted List for her Weathermen activities,  was a  paralegal there, unable to take the bar because she is a convicted felon.

But in CNN-speak, parroting Obama-speak, all this domestic terrorists talk is just a “distraction.”

Entire video at:



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