William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn – Digging a Little Deeper, Who is Chesa Boudin?

In the recent New York Times article entitled  “Crossed Paths of Obama, 60’s Bomber” it was reported that:

In his memoir, Mr. Ayers was evasive as to which bombings he had a hand in, writing that “some details cannot be told.” By the time of the Brinks robbery, he and Ms. Dohrn had emerged from underground to raise their two children and then Chesa Boudin, whose parents were imprisoned for their role in the heist.

The mention, almost in passing, of Chesa Boudin made me wonder, just who is Chesa Boudin?

A little background on Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert, Chesa’s parents:

Katherine (Kathy) Boudin and David Gilbert were sentenced to life terms for the 1981 Brinks armed robbery in which two police officers and a Brinks guard were killed, leaving behind a 14-month-old boy, Chesa Boudin, at which time William Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn took guardianship or custody of the child.

On Oct. 20, 1981, Sgt. Edward O’Grady, Patrolman Waverly Brown and Brinks guard Peter Paige were gunned down in Rockland County, N.Y. by heavily armed terrorists. The half dozen gunmen — all Americans — were members of the Weather Underground, a faction of the Students for a Democratic Society and the Black Liberation Army, formed from members of the Black Panther Party and the Republic of New Afrika.

These improbable violent coalitions were committing armed robberies (this was number 19) to finance their “revolution.” At stake that day was an armored truck with $1.6 million in cash. Thanks to the bravery of the dead officers, the terrorists failed; but left behind were three widows and nine children, like most victims all largely forgotten.

In December of 2002, at age 22, Chesa brought it all back into the news when he was awarded a Rhodes scholarship to Oxford University, England, with the following points being made:

Guardian Dad, the distinguished Professor William Ayers, not only hides his some 17 tattoos under his smart suits, but these days he is writing books about his exploits as a revolutionary and his bombing activities. However, in describing a bomb he placed in the Pentagon, Ayers brags a bit too much. “It turns out that we blew up a bathroom and, quite by accident, water plunged below and knocked out their computers for a time, disrupting the air war and sending me into deepening shades of delight.”

Guardian Mom, Bernadine Dohrn, (Mrs. William Ayers) described by former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover as “La Pasionara of the lunatic left,” now pretends that her widely publicized support for the Manson Family killings in the ’70s was a joke.

In a speech during the December 1969 “War Council” meeting organized by the Weathermen and attended by about 400 people in Flint, Michigan, Dohrn said:   “Dig it! First they killed those pigs and then they put a fork in their bellies. Wild!”

“We were mocking violence in America,” she has said. Yet she does not deny her leadership of the terrorist cult, and none of her comrades thought the lovely Bernadine was joking.

Chesa’s grandfather, Katherine’s father, was a secret Communist Party strategist. Leonard Boudin masqueraded as a civil rights lawyer during the years the Weathermen killed, robbed and bombed, but really was a contact man for such hostile foreign powers as the Soviet Union and Cuba. Daughter Katherine was one of New York’s elite, attending good schools such as Bryn Mawr, enjoying a year in Moscow and developing a social conscience that allowed her to plan the killing and maiming of her fellow Americans.

These people were not playing. Katherine (Kathy) Boudin

Katherine Boudin was paroled in 2003, according to this writing of August, 2003: http://www.frontpagemag.com/Articles/Read.aspx?GUID=3362356F-98D0-4CC9-A24C-27D5F97544EF

David Gilbert

More recently, Chesa Boudin is a co-author of The Venezuelan Revolution: 100 Questions–100 Answers. In 2005 he worked as an intern on President Chávez’s foreign policy team, doing research for a master’s degree in Latin American public policy at Oxford University on a Rhodes Scholarship.

Picture of Chesa at Caracas Chronicles: http://www.caracaschronicles.com/search?q=Chesa+Boudin

Things are disappearing all over the web, but below is another site with his picture.


(Recap:  David Gilbert and Kathy Boudin are parents of Chesa Boudin, who was raised and possibly adopted by Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.  David Gilbert and Kathy Boudin were sentenced to up to life for the deaths in the Brinks robbery.)

And very interesting detailed account of the Brinks heist at:  http://www.trutv.com/library/crime/terrorists_spies/terrorists/brinks/4.html






Posted:  10.09.08


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11 responses to “William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn – Digging a Little Deeper, Who is Chesa Boudin?

  1. diogenes

    So why should ANYBODY care who Chesa Boudoin is? Is this another “exotic” sounding name that should scare Americans into voting for McBush? Is Chesa Boudoin to be the next victim of senseless mud-splattering?

    More importantly: can Chesa Boudoin stop the stock market’s free fall of the last few weeks? Can Bill Ayers or Bernadine Dohrn? No.

    Can John McBush? HELL no.

    Let’s move on already.


  2. bellalu0

    So why should ANYBODY care who Chesa Boudoin is?


    I’m a curious person, diogenes. Don’t you like to know all you can about a subject, or are you just too brainwashed for curiosity? 🙂

    Don’t you find it just a little intriguing that Chesa is a chief adviser to Hugo Chávez? Not even just a little bit?


  3. Wyatt H. Beck

    Arnold R. Weber, Terrorist Pal
    Served on founding Board of Directors of the Chicago Annenberg/Ayres Challenge.
    **Weber has donated money to John McCain’s 2008 Campaign.**
    President of the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago (1995–1999); member of the board of directors of the Arie and Ida Crown Memorial and the Tribune Company; former president of Northwestern University (1985–1994) and the University of Colorado (1980–1985); professor of labor economics and friend and colleague of George P. Shultz at MIT, the University of Chicago, and in the Nixon administration

    David Kearns, Terrorist Sympathizer
    Pro Bono education advisor to Annenberg Foundation who approved $49.2 million grant to William Ayers.
    McCain’s 2000 campaign and works current for his 2008 campaign.
    Chairman of the Alexandria-based New American Schools Development Corporation (NASDC)—a 1991 school reform initiative of President George H. W. Bush; former Deputy Secretary of Education (1991–1993) under Secretary of Education Lamar Alexander in the George H. W. Bush administration; former president, CEO and chairman of Xerox Kearns worked for John


  4. Wyatt H. Beck

    Meet Sarah Palin’s Terrorist/Radical Right-Wing Pals
    A MUST READ, CLICK HERE: www(dot)salon(dot)com/news/feature/2008/10/10/palin_chryson
    51-year-old Mark Chryson. Chairman of the Alaska Independence Party. Mr. Chryson wishes to and work for Alaska to secede from the United States. Palin backed Chryson as he successfully advanced &altered the state Constitution’s language to better facilitate the formation of anti-government militias. With sponsorship from the Islamic Republic of Iran, they were scheduled to present a case for Alaskan secession before the United Nations General Assembly in the late spring of 1993. They rub shoulders and forge alliances with outright white supremacists and far-right theocrats, particularly those who dominate the proceedings at such gatherings as the North American Secessionist conventions, which AIP delegates have attended in recent years.
    Chryson/Palin rhetorically. “Yes. The War of Northern Aggression, or the Civil War, or the War Between the States — however you want to refer to it — was not about slavery, it was about states’ rights.” Palin was well aware of Chryson’s views. “She knew my beliefs,” Chryson said. “The entire state knew my beliefs. I wasn’t afraid of being on the news, on camera speaking my views.” Palin endorsed Chryson’s unsuccessful initiative to move the state Legislature from Juneau to Wasilla. At a national convention of secessionist groups in 2007, AIP vice chairman Dexter Carter announced that his party would seek to “infiltrate” the Democratic and Republican parties with candidates sympathetic to its hard-right, secessionist agenda. The AIP was born of the vision of “Old Joe” Vogler, a hard-bitten former gold miner who hated the government of the United States almost as much as he hated wolves and environmentalists. His resentment peaked during the early 1970s when the federal government began installing Alaska’s oil and gas pipeline. Fueled by raw rage — “The United States has made a colony of Alaska,” Vogler proposed using nuclear weapons to obliterate the glaciers blocking roadways to Juneau.


  5. bellalu0

    51-year-old Mark Chryson. Chairman of the Alaska Independence Party. Mr. Chryson wishes to and work for Alaska to secede from the United States.


    Secession from the Union is not a foreign concept in the south either. In fact, it’s a matter of pride.

    Key West celebrates its secession from the Union every year.

    “The Conch Republic was born on April 23rd of 1982 in response to a United States Border blockade of the Florida Keys. Since the United States Government insisted on treating the Keys like a foreign country; Key West Mayor Dennis Wardlow seceded from the Union, declared war, surrendered, and demanded foreign aid.”

    The annual Conch Republic Independence Celebration commemorates the day the republic seceded from the United States to form a fifth-world nation recognized by international public law as “a sovereign state of mind.” The birth of the island nation, whose motto is We Seceded Where Others Failed.

    It’s a reason for celebration. The 2009 event is already set to begin on April 17th . Only those with a sense of humor are allowed.

    This year’s festivities highlighted here:


  6. bellalu0

    Vermont wants out, too:
    Sunday, April 1, 2007
    Vermont was once an independent republic, and it can be one again. We think the time to make that happen is now. Over the past 50 years, the U.S. government has grown too big, too corrupt and too aggressive toward the world, toward its own citizens and toward local democratic institutions. It has abandoned the democratic vision of its founders and eroded Americans’ fundamental freedoms.


  7. I found this article fascinating and appreciate you presenting it.


  8. Alaska isnt’ alone there are MANY movements in MANY states. I wonder why? This country is being ran so great by such wonderful competent statesmen/sarc See Barney Franks and Christopher Dodd.



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