William Ayers and Barack Obama, The Connection (Updates)

UPDATED:  10.08.08
Excerpt from the August, 2001, article in Chicago Magazine entitled “Not Enough” featuring William Ayers.
There you have the complexity of Ayers: a man who once tried to overthrow his country’s government…..”


The rest of the story and a real good picture:


And, again, Obama certainly wasn’t 8 years old when he was pal-ing around with this guy in Chicago.  He was more like 40 when this picture was taken.  And about 35 when he launched his political career in Ayers’ living room.  And it is abundantly clear that Ayers still has contempt for America. He wishes he had done more back in the 60’s.
It would make me vomit to have anything to do with Ayers or Wright or Pfleger of any of the other anti-American characters Obama has sought out as allies.

UPDATE 10.07.08

Anderson Cooper of CNN does piece on the Obama/Ayers connection – Keeping Them Honest.   And Obama wasn’t 8 years old at the time of his association with Ayers!  I think now he’s claiming he didn’t even know Ayers.  Obama honest?  Far from it


Oh, excuse me, now he’s not claiming he didn’t know Ayers, but Obama spokesman says on Morning Joe  on MSNBC this morning that “Obama didn’t know (Ayers) was a terrorist.”  It all depends on what the meaning of is, is, people.   Video.  Watch Andrea Mitchell try to minimize the whole thing.  What a surprise that is, huh?


Chickaboomer weighs in:


As we say in the South, “Lord, have mercy!”

UPDATE:  10.04.08

Sarah Palin brings up the Obama/Ayers connection on the campaign trial, and I just heard this mentioned in the news.

Apparently in response to Palin’s comments, or this in the New York Times…..


…..Obama spokesman again states that Obama was only eight years old when Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground was bombing the U. S Capitol and the Pentagon, parroting Obama’s lame explanation earlier, “the notion that . . . me knowing somebody who engaged in detestable acts 40 years ago, when I was 8 years old, somehow reflects on me and my values doesn’t make much sense.”  I can’t believe they are still using that talking point.  It is worth noting, however, if you go back, during the time William Ayers was bombing buildings and declaring his war on America, John McCain was in a POW camp in Viet Nam.

But Barack Hussein Obama, quite a master at word games, tries to play the American people for fools.   Forty years ago when he was eight is, of course, not the point.

Scroll down to look at the picture below of Ayers in 2001 standing on the American flag at which time he was 55 and Obama was 40.  THIS was the time period of the Obama/Ayers connection and Obama either knew or should have know what Ayers was about and what he stood for.  Just more really, really poor judgment on Obama’s part.


Check this out to see what a despicable America-hater William Ayers is:

Obama-Ayers Ties Went Further Than Obama Admits:

Ayers set up an education foundation called the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC), and remained on the board until 2001. This group ‘poured more than $100 million into the hands of community organizers and radical education activists.’ Kurtz explained.  (Community organizers?  Sound familiar?)

The CAC was a brainchild of Ayers. In early 1995, Obama was appointed the first chairman of the board. The other key body of the foundation was co-chaired by Ayers himself.

In order to find out whether the two had a reasonably close working relationship or not, Kurtz decided to delve into the archives of the CAC which are housed in the Richard J. Daley Library at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

The archives show that the connection between Obama and Ayers went further than Obama has been willing to admit thus far. ‘The Daley archives show that Mr. Obama and Mr. Ayers worked as a team to advance the CAC agenda.’


UPDATE: 09.29.08

Senator Barack Obama is at it again, using strong arm tactics, trying to stifle any criticism.

Gov. Blunt Statement on Obama Campaign’s Abusive Use of Missouri Law Enforcement

JEFFERSON CITY – Gov. Matt Blunt today issued the following statement on news reports that have exposed plans by U.S. Senator Barack Obama to use Missouri law enforcement to threaten and intimidate his critics.

“St. Louis County Circuit Attorney Bob McCulloch, St. Louis City Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce, Jefferson County Sheriff Glenn Boyer, and Obama and the leader of his Missouri campaign Senator Claire McCaskill have attached the stench of police state tactics to the Obama-Biden campaign.

“What Senator Obama and his helpers are doing is scandalous beyond words, the party that claims to be the party of Thomas Jefferson is abusing the justice system and offices of public trust to silence political criticism with threats of prosecution and criminal punishment.  See full statement at link below:



DENVER (AP) – Barack Obama is striking back fiercely and swiftly to stamp out an ad that links him to a 1960s radical, eager to demonstrate a far more aggressive response to attacks than John Kerry did when faced with the 2004 “Swift Boat” campaign.

Obama not only aired a response ad to the spots linking him to William Ayers, but he sought to block stations airing the commercial by warning station managers and asking the Justice Department to intervene. The campaign also planned to compel advertisers to pressure stations that continue to air the anti-Obama commercial.

This is William Ayers, former Weather Underground organizer who took credit for a series of non-fatal bombings at the U.S. Capitol and Pentagon during the Vietnam War era, STANDING on the American flag.  Obama has said, “the notion that . . . me knowing somebody who engaged in detestable acts 40 years ago, when I was 8 years old, somehow reflects on me and my values doesn’t make much sense.”

However, this picture was taken in 2001 when Ayers was 55 years old (still showing his contempt for America).  This is the exact time period of the Obama/Ayers connection and Barack Obama was 40, not 8.

No wonder they want to stop this information from becoming widely known. And don’t you just love it when you see someone stand on the American flag?


This is CRAZY.  Obama’s association with William Ayers is bad enough, but this is almost worse.  This man, Obama, is trying to bring out the Justice Department to BLOCK STATIONS from airing a commercial?  What is he so afraid of?  If he will do this now what will he do if he should be elected president.  Talk about abuse of power!

I thought I had seen it all and I had aleady published this post when I saw the following about the Obama counsel seeking to prosecute the guy who bought the offending ad.  See below for excerpt and link.

“We reiterate our request that the Department of Justice fulfill its commitment to take prompt action to investigate and to prosecute the American issues Project, and we further request that the Department of Justice investigate and prsecute Howard (sic) Simmons for a knowing and willful violation of the individual aggregate contribution limits,”




No Way

No How


Posted:  08.27.08  Updated:  09.29.08  Updated:  10.04.08  Updated:  10.07.08  Updated:  10.08.08

Originally entitled, Obama Seeks to Silence Ad Linking Him to Radical William Ayers ~ What is the Obama/Ayers Connection?


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21 responses to “William Ayers and Barack Obama, The Connection (Updates)

  1. diogenes

    What is he “afraid” of? He doesn’t want to allow these sleazy 527’s to violate campaign finance laws in airing these ads. It’s not the content of the ad, it’s the coordination of the producers of the ad with the McCain campaign. 527’s aren’t allowed to coordinate with a canididate’s campaign staff in any way. Apparently, Obama’s campaign believes that there is evidence that McCain and the 527 are working together.

    But, again, anything that Barack Obama or his staffers do is, be definition, wrong.


  2. bellalu0

    That freedom of speech can be so irritating.


  3. channelXRFR

    Politics as only the Daly machine can, Chicago Thugs!


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  5. By contrast, I have not heard of any effort by the McCain campaign to prevent TV stations from airing these ads .


  6. diogenes

    McBush announces he wants to “turn the page on economics” and reverts to character assassination?

    Some civil campaign, McBush! It’s like he’s trying to piss away every shred of honor he earned in Vietnam, he’s stooping so low. He and his followers are so desperate, they will try ANYTHING to get McBush elected. But it won’t work. Even Karl Rove announced that the electoral map gives Obama enough electoral votes right now to win, even if McBush-Palin is given every benefit of the doubt in questionable races.

    Average Americans cannot “turn the page on economics” the way McBush can. We don’t hop on our private planes, jetting off to the next campaign stop.

    Average Americans don’t have eight homes to choose from. Or thirteen cars.

    Trying to change the focus AWAY from failed Bush/McBush economics is insulting to all of America when you have nothing better to offer than guilt-by-quasi-association character assassination.

    Thank God we only have to suffer 30 more days of McBush’s insulting slime.


  7. larrys

    Hold on a second. Are you seriously suggesting that a Republican Dept. of Justice in a Bush administration would intervene on behalf of the Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama, to halt TV ads, UNLESS THEY VIOLATED FEDERAL LAW?

    You cannot just complain to law enforcement authorities unless you can show that a violation of the law has occurred. And if there was a violation of federal law, are you suggesting that it’s OK, because it’s been committed by America’s wacky great-grand-dad, John McCain?

    I don’t like guys standing on the American flag, but it’s not against the law. But you would pillory Obama because of the friends he keeps (maybe) who do things you don’t like, while at the same time you condone possible criminal violations of federal law by McCain? “Bizarre” is too mild and too kind a word.


  8. bellalu0

    Here’s the ad Barack Obama wanted the United States Justice Department to ban:


  9. Actually John McCain is not technically a Grand Dad but he is a cousin of both Obama and Palin. Obama’s ancestors not any different then any other Would be American President. His momma’s side of the family- purty blue blooded themselves. Not really a change just a reshuffling, and if you all want to buy a fresh coat of shellacking, that’s your business. People always seem to forget that Obama is bi racial, he is also White, and he has the roots to prove it.



  10. bellalu0

    With all the “McBush” references and the non-stop parroting of talking points attempting to link McCain to George Bush, I wouldn’t think any of you Obama supporters would mind a little so-called “guilt by association.” 🙂

    I challenge anyone anywhere to come up with a domestic terrorist such as Bill Ayers that John McCain has associated with. And I haven’t forgotten about the words of Jeremiah Wright either, Obama’s mentor and pastor of 20 years, screaming “G-D America.”

    So you have one standing on the American flag (in 2001, not when Barack was 8 but when he was 40) and then you have another one preaching hate and racism from a pulpit no less and you wonder why anyone would think Barack Hussein is not exactly who we want for our president. No Way. No How. NoBama.


  11. diogenes

    OK, listen. Listen hard. Because I already anticipate a near overwhelming inability to grasp.

    Our economy is in the tank, in historic proportions. We’ve got a war in Afghanistan that isn’t going nearly as well as we’d like, and another war in Iraq that isn’t much better. Ans we’ve alienated so many countries in the one-sided runup to the war in Iraq that many would laugh in our sad little faces if we had the nerve to even ask for some help, economics-wise.

    And we’re supposed to be worried about Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright?

    You people are as delusional as McBush. HIs loss will be of epic proportions, if he continues down this route.


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  13. drslogan

    Socialism in its worst shape is coming to America if Obama gets elected.

    And the worst part is that many people who will end up voting for Obama, wouldn’t know what they are really voting for. They don’t go to the blogs like yours, they don’t read long data-rich threads, they don’t watch scary YouTube kids-singing videos. We keep going down in polls because people listen to the huge propaganda machine–and take that BS at face value. What we need is an arsenal of conversation changers. These attention grabbers that make an impact in 5 sec. And THEN those whose opinions still can be changed may start reading more. Obama’s side if excellent in this. They have pros working around the clock on all sorts of visuals that go straight to the emotions level, bypassing the logic. Just take a look at this site to know what I’m talking about.

    Can you name a single memorable anti-Obama poster that speaks to the center-leaning Democratic voter? I can’t. And to expose who Obama really is we need some of that. With my new blog and Facebook page I’ve started a new repository to fill this gap and hope it will take off and will be used and extended by others. Your comments and suggestions are more than welcome.

    – Jeff Tyler (Dr. Slogan)


  14. channelXRFR

    Grasp this Dawg. Tide has turned in Iraq, with the government taking over security from the US in many areas! There is progress in Afghanistan where the Taliban are holding talks with the government brokered by the Saudi’s. Pakistan government is conducting military operations against Al Qaeda in the northwest. Home sales in August are up 7.4%. Crude oil is down 40%. Unemployment is in single digits at normal levels. Inflation is in the low single digits and interest rates are even lower. And an African American is running for President.

    Sorry Dawg the sky is not falling The US is still the land of opportunity.


  15. diogenes

    Yeah, grab this, (obscenity deleted). Only a right wingnut could actually try to argue that all is well in the U.S. economy. Yeah, McBush doesn’t need to address the economy, everything’s just freakin’ hunky dorry. Let Johnny address the really important issues: Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright, etc. Go for it! You’ll absolutely hand what’s left of the presdiential race to Obama on a silver platter.

    It used to be that one felt an intellectual need to try to engage PUMAs and rightwingers. No such need anymore. When you pull up all these virulent anti-Obama sites and all they’re talking is trivial nonsense about things that happened 40 years ago, the job is finished. The wheels have totally fallen off the Straight Talk Express, and it’s clear that it’ll just careen around for 27 more days.

    CIndy McBush is now the attack dog? Where was Gutless John last night? He lets “his women” do the dirty work for him, and he curls up in a corner when he meets up with Obama face to face.

    I can only assume McCain acted honorably and heroically half a century ago in Vietnam, and I respect that guy. Now, he’s an empty shell, and the worst kind of coward to boot.

    November 4 cannot come soon enough. A mercy killing of this campaign is in order.


  16. Factually a Bi Racial American is running for President.

    Is this the October suprize?



  17. Wyatt H. Beck

    Meet Sarah Palin’s Terrorist/Radical Right-Wing Pals
    A MUST READ, CLICK HERE: www(dot)salon(dot)com/news/feature/2008/10/10/palin_chryson
    51-year-old Mark Chryson. Chairman of the Alaska Independence Party. Mr. Chryson wishes to and work for Alaska to secede from the United States. Palin backed Chryson as he successfully advanced &altered the state Constitution’s language to better facilitate the formation of anti-government militias. With sponsorship from the Islamic Republic of Iran, they were scheduled to present a case for Alaskan secession before the United Nations General Assembly in the late spring of 1993. They rub shoulders and forge alliances with outright white supremacists and far-right theocrats, particularly those who dominate the proceedings at such gatherings as the North American Secessionist conventions, which AIP delegates have attended in recent years.
    Chryson/Palin rhetorically. “Yes. The War of Northern Aggression, or the Civil War, or the War Between the States — however you want to refer to it — was not about slavery, it was about states’ rights.” Palin was well aware of Chryson’s views. “She knew my beliefs,” Chryson said. “The entire state knew my beliefs. I wasn’t afraid of being on the news, on camera speaking my views.” Palin endorsed Chryson’s unsuccessful initiative to move the state Legislature from Juneau to Wasilla. At a national convention of secessionist groups in 2007, AIP vice chairman Dexter Carter announced that his party would seek to “infiltrate” the Democratic and Republican parties with candidates sympathetic to its hard-right, secessionist agenda. The AIP was born of the vision of “Old Joe” Vogler, a hard-bitten former gold miner who hated the government of the United States almost as much as he hated wolves and environmentalists. His resentment peaked during the early 1970s when the federal government began installing Alaska’s oil and gas pipeline. Fueled by raw rage — “The United States has made a colony of Alaska,” Vogler proposed using nuclear weapons to obliterate the glaciers blocking roadways to Juneau.


  18. Wyatt H. Beck

    David Kearns, Terrorist Sympathizer
    Pro Bono education advisor to Annenberg Foundation who approved $49.2 million grant to William Ayers.
    **Kearns worked for John McCain’s 2000 campaign and works current for his 2008 campaign.
    Chairman of the Alexandria-based New American Schools Development Corporation (NASDC)—a 1991 school reform initiative of President George H. W. Bush; former Deputy Secretary of Education (1991–1993) under Secretary of Education Lamar Alexander in the George H. W. Bush administration; former president, CEO and chairman of Xerox.


  19. Wyatt H. Beck

    Arnold R. Weber, Terrorist Pal
    Served on founding Board of Directors of the Chicago Annenberg/Ayres Challenge.
    **Weber has donated money to John McCain’s 2008 Campaign.
    President of the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago (1995–1999); member of the board of directors of the Arie and Ida Crown Memorial and the Tribune Company; former president of Northwestern University (1985–1994) and the University of Colorado (1980–1985); professor of labor economics and friend and colleague of George P. Shultz at MIT, the University of Chicago, and in the Nixon administration


  20. Wyatt H. Beck

    G. Gordon Liddy: John McCain Finds His Own Radical Criminal Ties At A Fundraiser For McCain At Liddy’s House


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