“Your Plan is a White Flag of Surrender”

Clip from the Debate:

Uh, you all can just go ahead and criticize and denegrate Sister Sarah.  She’s sharp and you know it.  And I love the straight talk.  A politician in whom there is no guile.  Amazing.

Posted:  10.04.08


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4 responses to ““Your Plan is a White Flag of Surrender”

  1. goodtimepolitics

    Drill baby drill…I like it when Sarah takes off the gloves and puts on those sharp high heels! 🙂 She wiped the floor with Joe Biden. Biden got so many things wrong, and he’s been in congress for 30 years. Said in the debate “I will not change” so how can Obama be for change with a VP like Joe? Check out my post would you please.


  2. diogenes

    Sharp? You’re joking, right? Tina Fey is sharper on SNL when she parodies Palin.

    If you’re gullible enough to be taken in by the “aw, shucks” routine, you need to think seriously (if possible) about not voting, for the good of the rest of the country.

    There’s no “there” there with Palin, at all. How ANYONE, much less a potential VP, could look at the complexities of Iraq and then grossly oversimplify it with “you’d wave the white flag of surrender”.

    It’s not “waving a white flag” to move troops out of Iraq into Afghanistan, where the true “war on terrorism” is located (and ignored by Bush and McBush).

    It’s not “waving a white flag” to openly question whether that $10 billion we spend EVERY MONTH in Iraq might be better used elsewhere by the U.S.

    It’s not “waving the white flag” to question why Bush has allowed Iraq to accrue a $79 billion SURPLUS when we’re fighting THEIR war and we have to pass emergency measures for our domestic economic needs to the tune of $700 billion. (And, not surprisingly, McBush hasn’t once commented on this Iraqi surplus, much less criticized Bush for allowing it to happen.)

    McBush is letting his experience in Vietnam color everything he does in the next century. He was imprisoned for almost 5 years, and it sticks in his craw that we withdrew from Vietnam without a victory. He cannot STAND the thought of ending any war without an American flag being hoisted over the pile of rubble we’re leaving behind. He cannot grasp that we will never defeat terrorism; it’s been around as long as the world has existed, and will continue just as long as the world continues.

    And Sarah Palin? She smiles and blathers about Joe Sixpack and hockey moms, because she has absolutely no clue about any of this. All she can say is what the handlers have gotten her to memorize.

    No memorized answer about bankruptcy law? Tell everyone you’re just not going to answer that question, and turn to a closely related subject like… energy? Too bad the President of the United States doesn’t have the luxury of doing that, Sarah honey; the President has to deal with ALL the problems that confront this country.

    McBush-Palin is going to “turn the page on the economy” and now start attacking Obama’s friends and acquaintences? Great idea… except the American public CANNOT just “turn the page on the economy”. We have to worry about putting gas in the car, and paying the mortgage, and trying to make ends meet every day. We can’t jump on our private planes and jet off to the next campaign stop, or one of our eight homes with our thirteen cars.

    McBush lost his brain about a decade ago, and Palin hasn’t been told by her handlers where she might find hers. That’s a really sad combination.

    But hey, maybe SisterSarah can play the flute for us!


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