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Obama bin Biden Gaffes

I am just a little fed up with people ragging of Sarah Palin.  So it’s time we took a look at the man who is running on the top of the ticket for the Democratic Party, Senator Barack Hussein Obama, the guy who has to take a teleprompter on the campaign trail with him in order to get out a full sentence.

And just in case you read my previous post and thought I was kidding about the “thrill” going up Chris Matthews’ leg, there’s just a little proof positive he really did say it.

And this one is a good one, the day Obama introduced Biden as his running mate.  Okay.  Just a few flubs.

Jackie and Dunlap weigh in.  Obama is a Muslim, no, he’s not;  yes, he is;  no, he’s not. But he said he was a Muslim.  Nah, it’s just another little blunder.   He’s just stumbling over his words, he’s confused.

These are entertaining.  And it is just the tip of the iceberg because there are many more.

In case you missed it, see and hear Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann swoon over Obama:


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“Say It Ain’t So, Joe” ~ Palin Power Boosts Ratings

Final: 69,989,000 viewers — Palin-Biden the most-watched vp debate ever

Sarah Palin won this debate against a man with 35 years in Washington who has countless national debates under his belt.

The Neilsen ratings are in, and this is the highest rated debate since 1992 and a stunning 33% higher than Friday’s presidential debate between top-of-the-ticket contenders John McCain and Barack Obama. Now, that’s Palin Power!

If we ever needed someone who is outside the beltway, it is now.  And I thank you, Sarah, for enduring the merciless attacks on you and your family by the Mainstream Media who even now won’t give you the credit you are due.

In the words of my fellow blogger from the Great State of Florida, that battleground state with 27 electoral votes:

I don’t need any links or polls or anyone else to tell me what I could see for myself.

I can’t wait to hear all of the hemming and hawing but one thing is clear — she objectively kicked his natural behind.

This woman –Sarah Palin — is going to be a force for years and years and years in American politics!

All those idiots who have insisted this woman is dense or not qualified, shut the heck up. No one believes that stupidity and wishful thinking. You are going to have to deal with this woman fair and square. Like that cartoon of the moose said — be afraid, be very afraid.


We don’t need a poll to tell us who won, but in case you’re interested, here’s a poll for you:



28% 154,073


70% 381,010


2% 10,159

Total Votes: 545,242

ABC got the most viewers for the debate and MSNBC came in dead last.

Chris Matthews is on right now saying Sarah was coached, that the debate is not Jeopardy, nor the Dating Game,  or a “spelling bee,” trying to diminish her in every way possible.  (See video below)  Of course, he never mentioned that Barack Obama, the man who wants to be president and who has participated in several debates already this campaign season, spent three or four days studying for his most recent debate to try to get all the stutters out of his manner of speaking and maybe avoid adding another gaffe to his long, long list of gaffes.  No, of course, Chris Matthews wouldn’t mention that.  Nah, he just loves Barack Obama.  Barack sends a thrill up his leg when he hears him speak.

Just wanted to watch for a few  minutes to see what the take was on one of the most biased networks there is.  It’s no wonder they came in last in viewers last night for the debate.  Click.  Had enough.

But try as they might to make us look backwards, we now have to look forward to the future.  We have our choice laid before us.  It’s Barack Obama or John McCain.  The choice is clear.  Very clear.  We are not going to turn our country over to an empty suit with the least experienced of any presidential candidate in over 100 years and has never run anything.  Oh. No. We. Won’t.

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