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Obama Interviewed by Jon Stewart

Now, come on, Barack, I like Sean Hannity and I would love to have a beer with you.  You’re a very cute and charming guy.  I just don’t want that “fundamental change” you’re talking about – fundamental as in right down to the Constitution.

This is a funny clip.

Well, it was a funny clip.  It has been removed from YouTube. 

But you can see it Here:

Posted:  10.30.08

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Bill Clinton Campaigns for Obama in Florida

KISSIMMEE, FLORIDA — “Look at this crowd – it’s not only big, it is highly diverse,” former President Bill Clinton told a crowd of 35,000 outside Orlando last night. “You even have a few white haired guys like me – you haven’t cut my demographic out!”

Clinton’s explanations of why Obama is qualified were interesting, to say the least.

“You know what he did?” Clinton said, heralding Obama’s reaction to the financial crisis. “First he took a little heat for not saying much. I knew what he was doing. He talked to his advisers – he talked to my economic advisers, he called Hillary. He called me. He called Warren Buffet. He called all those people, you know why? Because he knew it was complicated and before he said anything he wanted to understand.”

“If we have not learned anything we have learned that we need a president that wants to understand and who can understand,” Clinton said.

“The second thing – and this meant more to me than anything else, and I haven’t cleared this with him and he may even be mad at me for saying this so close to the election – but I know what else he said to his economic advisers – he said, ‘Tell me what the right thing to do is. What’s the right thing for America? Don’t tell me what’s popular, you tell me what’s right, I’ll figure it out and sell it.’

“That’s what a president does in a crisis,” Clinton said, “what is right for America.”

Well, this is what Jeremiah Wright, Barack’s dearly beloved pastor, had to say about Bill:  [Some say]  “Hillary is married to Bill and Bill has been good to us.  No he ain’t.  He did us just like he did Monica Lewinsky.  He was ridin’ dirty.”

Too funny:  Black Oak Arkansas Jim Dandy to the Rescue: (H/T laree)

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Huffington Post Writer Kills Ex-lover, Self, in Boynton Beach

Victim, Jessica Kalish, 56

Killer, Anne Burger, 57

Carol Anne Burger killed her former lover by stabbing her 222 times with a Phillips-head screwdriver and then took pains to hide her crime, police in Boynton Beach, Florida, said Wednesday.  Burger later walked into the back yard and shot herself.

Anne Burger was a journalist who had found purpose recently in covering the presidential election for The Huffington Post, a left-leaning Web site.

An editor described Burger as “very excited” about her job and not depressed in “any way.”

Hanna Ingber Win, the associate editor for The Huffington Post’s “Off the Bus” election coverage, said she exchanged e-mails with Burger last week and was happy with her contributions.

“We were joking that she was on fire. She was really pumping it out,” Win said. “I would never imagine this. She was excited about the election.”

Burger began writing for The Huffington Post earlier this month as one of a few Florida correspondents. The job was unpaid, but Win said Burger quickly earned a reputation for hard work and contributing much more than was expected.

The couple had married in Massachusetts in 2005, but Kalish had met someone else.  They continued to share the house they had bought in 2000 for financial reasons.

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A Robot for Obama


Well, we’ve all heard Obama supporters called Obamabots, but this takes the cake!  🙂
ObamaBot, a nearly 6-foot-tall, student-made robot, drew a crowd of followers in its wake like a marching band conductor on wheels, waving its android arms with campaign posters from side to side in response to the remote control toggling of one of its creators.

Camilo Buscaron, a UF sophomore, and Andres Vargas, a mechanical engineering graduate student, worked with Hood during their machine intelligence lab behind closed doors.

The machine is the result of two weeks of construction and $250 of their own funds. After three all-nighters during the final stages of assembly, ObamaBot could blink its eyes, move its arms and roll and rotate 360 degrees at 4 mph.

Posted:  10.30.08

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Seems Very Few People Make More Than $250,000 a Year

But is that something to celebrate about?

I’ve seen a few occasions lately where either Barack Obama or Joe Biden asks the crowd, in a mocking manner, how many of you make less than $250,000 a year.  And almost everybody’s hand goes up.  Or how many plumbers do you know who make over $250,000?  And everybody is laughing and applauding as if it is the biggest joke ever told.  What’s to be so proud of?

Something about that scene just really hits me the wrong way.  It’s not how many make more than $250,000 a year but how many would like to make that much.  That’s what Joe the Plumber was talking about.  Not that he made that much, but that he wanted to some day.  This is America.  Anything is possible.  And for asking a question, he got investigated.  And I have heard the argument that it was McCain’s fault for bringing him up without “vetting” him.  But just don’t go there.  Nobody has the right to investigate a private citizen like that.  He has plenty of grounds for a lawsuit and I hope he sues.  Maybe he’ll get his $250,000 or more after all.

And so what are we going to get from Mr. Obama for that negative distinction?  No tax increase?  A tax cut?  A government check?  Maybe, at most, $1000 a year.  I mean, how little are we willing to trade for the American dream and the American way of life?

I was extremely opposed to the bailout because I believe it was caused at its core by the forced lending of money to those who had no ability to pay it back.  There’s a lot of dishonestly going on there and I hate it.  But the answer to owning a home is having the opportunity to make more money so one can truly afford it.  I wish everybody made over $250,000 a year.  But how does it help a person to give them something they can’t afford and then come back a few years later and take it back?

In so many ways, Barack Obama just doesn’t seem to see America as I do.  I believe the least dependence a person has on the federal government, the better.  And why his choice of words in a recent speech, “the American people have been vindicated?”  What were we accused of?  Somehow when he speaks it seems he is referring to Americans as some great unwashed mass that he is not a part of.

And then I hear him complaining about the Constitution, the same Constitution he is supposed to Preserve, Protect, and Defend, the one that gives him and all of us our rights in this country.  And Joe Biden says, “the world is watching.”  That we will have an international crisis to test Obama’s mettle, he guarantees it.

If he is elected, there will be change, all right.  A lot more change than I want to see.  I don’t want “real and lasting change.”

Vote McCain/Palin.

(I’ve already voted for them, by the way – early voting.)

Oops, I just this minute heard him say the $250,000 is now down to under $200,000.

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After All, Obama Was Only a Kid When Sanford and Son Was On

Michelle Malkin is reporting on Barack Obama’s little mix-up on his Sitcoms

This is what happens when a candidates goes off script. Barack Obama, in Raleigh, N.C., was doing a riff attacking John McCain for supporting the idea of putting some mandatory retirement money into the stock market. “If Senator McCain is elected, we’ll have another president who wants to privatize part of your Social Security. Could you imagine if you had your Social Security invested in the stock market these last two weeks, these last two months? You wouldn’t need Social Security. You’d be having a — like, what was it, Sanford and Son. `I’m coming Weezie!”

Referring to the great Red Foxx’s famous fake heart attack.  Of course, Weezie was on The Jeffersons, not Sanford and Son.  Not a big deal.  After all, the notion that Obama could remember much from when he was eight years old just really doesn’t make much sense, George. 🙂 But just for old time’s sake,  1972-1977.  This is a very funny episode called “My Fair Esther.”

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Wolf Blitzer to Interview Obama on Friday

CNN says the Barack Obama campaign tried to purchase airtime tomorrow night on the network to run its 30-minute primetime ad. The news network says it rejected the request.

Fox News was not asked by the Obama campaign.

Wolf Blitzer will have a sit-down interview with Barack Obama to be aired throughout his three-hour program from 4-7 p.m. on Friday.

Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

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