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Sarah Heath Palin ~ McCain Running Mate

Surprise, surprise.  Sarah Heath Palin.  This is a great and courageous choice.  Wife, mother of five, Governor of the Great State of Alaska.  Her husband, Todd, is a North Slope oil field worker and commercial fisherman.  Son enlisted in the United States Army and will deploy to Iraq next month.  She is pro-life, a sportsperson with a lifetime membership in the NRA, and makes a compelling case in favor of drilling in ANWR.  She became Governor of Alaska in 2006.  She has an 80% approval rating in her state.

“She won’t invite lobbyists to her office and has introduced ethics reform legislation. One of her first acts as governor was to kill the now infamous “bridge to nowhere” pork-barrel spending project. And she put the former governor’s personal jet up for sale on eBay.”


Her father, Chuck Palin, said, “Holy cow,” upon learning that his daughter had been picked by McCain.

Governor Palin is from the town of Wasilla, Alaska, where she served as Mayor for two terms.  Wasilla was named after a respected local Dena’ina Indian, Chief Wasilla. In the Dena’ina language, “Wasilla” is said to mean ‘breath of air’.


This is a great day for women and for the country as she addresses the American people and as she reaches out and recognizes the accomplishments of Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Meanwhile, Senator Obama and his campaign issue statements about her “inexperience.”  Excuse me?

McCain/Palin 08

Posted:  08.29.08


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