What Happened to Separation of Church and State?



DENVER – The Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) announced today the highly-regarded religious leaders and musical artists who will serve as featured speakers and performers at the first-ever Democratic National Convention interfaith gathering, kicking off the 2008 Convention. The interfaith gathering will be held at 2:00 pm MT, Sunday, August 24 at the Wells Fargo Theater, inside the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.

Invocators and Benedictors to Include Pastor Joel Hunter, Rabbi David Saperstein, Sister Catherine Pinkerton, Reverend Cynthia Hale, Archbishop Demetrios, Cameron Strang.  (Strang pulled out at the last minute and did not appear.)

Imam Abdur-Rahim Ali of the Northeast Denver Islamic Center, Rabbi Steven Foster from Congregation Emmanuel, lifelong Democratic leader Polly Baca, human rights leader Reverend Lucia Guzman and Buddhist participant and University of Colorado Denver student Kathryn Ida will be part of the local faith community represented at the event.

This is the first time a celebration of this nature has been part of a Democratic National Convention. Delegates, elected officials, local residents, musical guests and spiritual leaders from many communities of faith will come together for this unique gathering. In addition to the speakers’ remarks, the program will include readings from diverse religious texts, prayers and musical selections.

First Ever interfaith gathering.  Is this the beginning of the change that Barack Obama is talking about?  This has no place whatsoever in a political convention.  This is a dangerous precedent for a country that believes in the separation of church and state, and this is way over the line to make religion an official part of the convention, a convention that is using $17 million of the taxpayer’s money.

I’m not buying what Barack is selling.  This just strengthens my resolve.  This is “different Kind of Convention” to be sure.



Here’s a video of the entire service from CSPAN:


If this isn’t the merging of church and state, I don’t know what is.

Posted:  08.24.08  Revised:  08.25.08


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4 responses to “What Happened to Separation of Church and State?

  1. diogenes

    Just admit it: you hate anything and everything Obama.

    First you were so willing to argue that Obama is a Muslim.

    Then, it was Rev. Wright.

    Now, it’s because the DNC has a interfaith event.

    The DNC is NOT THE GOVERNMENT. So the 1st Amendment never comes into play.

    The RNC has been doing this for decades, and they’ve used it as a weapon against Dems: “Look at those Godless Dems!”

    Now the Dems do it, and you use it as yet another opportunity to slam Obama. Silliness. It’s a voluntary event. Don’t go (or ignore it) if it offends you.

    Also please remember that Obama doesn’t have complete control over what happens at the COnvention. He has a lot of pull, obviously, but he doesn’t control everything. Heck, if Obama got anything he wanted, the Clintons would be turned back at the airport.


  2. bellalu0

    I wonder if Rev. Wright will be at this event? Maybe he will speak or give a little reading or prayer. That is, if he can keep from screaming God Damn America long enough.

    That is really splitting hairs to say the DNC is not government when it exists solely for the purpose of selecting a candidate for president of the United States and messing with all those votes and delegates and things like that. And it doesn’t fall under the First Amendment? This is paid for by 17 million of the taxpayer’s money.

    Just another reason why Barack Obama and his cohorts cannot be anywhere near the White House.


  3. bellalu0

    No control? The first thing he did was move the DNC headquarters to CHICAGO. Now, come on.


  4. diogenes

    Old Man McBush and the Republicans do the same thing. “Just another reason why McBush and his cohorts cannot be anywhere near the White House” ?

    Get real. Or, at least, get consistent.


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