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McCain Was Great ~ Obama Campaign In Panic Mode

John McCain beat the socks off Obama in Rick Warren’s faith forum on Saturday night.  It was obvious.  The Obama campaign knows it, too, because they are truly in panic mode, suggesting that McCain must have heard Obama’s segment.  And on MSNBC, Andrea Mitchell on Meet the Press Sunday floated the Obama talking points, abandoning any attempt to remain unbiased.  I have really been disappointed in Andrea Mitchell.

The McCain campaign is not taking it sitting down and have sent a letter to Steve Capus, head of MSNBC, calling them on this blatant abandonment of even an attempt to maintain any integrity.  Excerpt below:

the level of objectivity at NBC News has fallen so low that reporters are now giving voice to unsubstantiated, partisan claims in order to undercut John McCain;” “Mitchell did what has become a pattern for her of simply repeating Obama campaign talking points,” and; NBC News was “following MSNBC’s lead in abandoning non-partisan coverage of the Presidential race.”

It is well-known how MSNBC has been very close to a non-stop campaign ad for Barack Obama this whole election season.  But this is just ridiculous.  For God’s sake, what if McCain heard everything Obama said, there sure wasn’t anything in there that would have been an advantage to him.

McCain WON.  Hands down.  And all they can do is whine.



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