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McCain Hits It Out of the Park at Saddleback

Great performance by John McCain. Just a great job.  The contrast between the two candidates was stunning.  This was a faith forum, and in keeping with that, McCain’s reiteration of one of the guards in the POW camp loosening his bonds and drawing a cross in the sand with his sandal was very real, touching, and powerful.  

I’ve said it before, but now I know for sure that John McCain will be our next president. 

I was watching MSNBC’s coverage for about two hours of pre-forum coverage and it was generally thought (and I believe hoped) that Obama would be the most comfortable discussing his faith and that McCain would falter.  Just the exact opposite happened.

CNN is playing highlights and analysis.  So is Fox.  MSNBC went immediately to their Lock Down Doc Block format.  Pitiful



And one of the most telling moments came when Obama was asked who he would seek out for advice.  He answered Michelle, his grandmother, and Ted Kennedy (and a couple other politicians). Well, he could hardly name those he has turned to for guidance the last 20 years, as in, Jeremiah Wright, Michael Pfleger, and James Meeks, or maybe Ludacris who he thinks is a genius.  

Posted:  08.16.08

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