Obama Campaign Plane vs McCain Campaign Plane (Revised)

  Obama’s campaign plane

  McCain campaign plane

Above posted:  08.07.08


Additional pictures below:

  Wow, there it is!  And you can even see it if you can find a magnifying glass. Per my research, registration number and country of origin is required by international law

And  I can’t leave out my favorite — on the interior of the plane,  his chair embroidered with “Obama ’08 – President”


   Shown:  Dole’s campaign plane, the Kerry/Edwards campaign plane, the Bush/Cheney campaign plane



Now, it just seems to me that Senator Obama has a problem with the American flag.  The evidence just keeps piling up, but you be the judge.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8QCkgg5Kjo&feature=related  (Now, if they all had their hands over their ears, I might understand it.)

Revision posted:  08.11.08


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71 responses to “Obama Campaign Plane vs McCain Campaign Plane (Revised)

  1. diogenes

    Oh, how petty. I guess the assumption is that Obama isn’t patriotic because he doesn’t have a flag on his plane, huh?

    His plane had been a standard North American Airline jet, and their corporate logo was a stylized flag on the tail of the plane. When the plane was re-tooled for the campaign. North American Airlines took off all their corporate markings, including the flag. There IS a smaller flag on the fuselage, next to the registration number, although it isn’t shown in these photos.

    It’s also interesting that you focus on the small flag on McCain’s plane, without showing the tail of his jet. It’s terribly patriotic: in great big letters, it says “johnmccain.com”

    It’s all documented at snopes.com:


    Do you ever check out stuff before you throw it up on your blog, or does any anti-Obama rumor qualify in your book, regardless of whether or not it’s true?


  2. bellalu0

    From an article entitled O-Force One by CBS News’ Allison O’Keefe:

    “Barack Obama’s new campaign plane is nothing short of grand. Well, for the candidate that is.

    Obama’s section of the plane rivals that of any first class. Recently the front cabin of the Boeing 757 was retrofitted to install four individual chairs that resemble La-Z-Boys. They are free-standing and made of plush leather with pockets on the sides. There is also a booth which seats four for a meeting or a meal.

    His chair has his name and campaign logo embroidered on the back top — “Obama ‘08” on one line and “President” underneath. To one side is a small table stacked with newspapers ready for the candidate’s arrival. The table of the booth is always covered in snacks and cheese and is where Obama spends most of his time during flights meeting with staff and sitting for the occasional interview.”

    My favorite part is his La-Z-Boy style chair embroidered with “Obama ’08 – President” Scroll down a little ways in the link below to see a picture.



  3. channelXRFR

    Kudos to you Bella for showing the entire Obama plane to make the point “THERE IS NO FLAG”.

    Another point, the Boeing 757 is a BIG Aircraft. Wonder why the campaign didn’t opt for a more fuel efficient Boeing 737?

    BTW John McCain’s Plane is a 737-400. Mac walks the talk!

    Don’t you think an A-300 would more appropriately position “O” as the President of the Earth? JK


  4. You think that was interesting they have a new “sign” to identify each other. This is idol worship, and a cult following. I don’t know why it is encouraged it makes the Obama Campaign look like a peculiar movement of what? If I had to guess, Anti Industrialist, we are witnessing, The return of the Primitive



  5. diogenes

    Boy, it’s a shame you guys have nothing positive to talk about.



  6. bellalu0

    The National Enquirer is more credible than all the MSM put together.


  7. Ginger

    Those photos of the planes say it all.

    What’s that old saying? A picture is worth a thousand words.


  8. diogenes

    Show a photo of the entire length of McCain’s plane, especially the great big “JohnMcCain.com” covering the tail. There is an American flag on Obama’s plane, too, next to its registration numbers. I’ve seen those photos, too, although they’re convenientyl not shown here.

    Ifyou have a legitimate beef with Obama’s policies, fine. But can’t we get beyond making crap up and lying for the sake of partisan politics?

    You PUMAs are — sorry, there is no other suitable word — deranged.


  9. The bus is backing up, can you hear the beeping watch out John Edwards. I guess he isn’t going to be getting a cabinet appointment.



  10. bellalu0

    It’s just that life expectancy is in question.


  11. Ginger

    Well, diogenes, you sure seem to enjoy spending a lot of your time with us.


  12. Ginger

    Bella, thanks for the clip… those “olden” people are so cool.


  13. diogenes

    Yeah, those old folks are brilliant! “They bombed our buildings. We are at WAR!”

    “Uhh, honey? Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Now drink your milk, take your meds, and toddle off to bed.”

    :If Obama wins, will you vote for him?” “No” “Why not?” “Because” What goes unsaid? “Because I ain’t ever gonna vote for a black man to run MY country!”


  14. Ginger

    Well, diogenes.. that’s the ultimate answer isn’t it?.. when you can’t think of anything else to say…just play the race card.

    It’s obvious you are a troll, probably paid by Obama.


  15. “It” isn’t paid Ginger, they identify with Obama, all the kids out there, that are mixed and smoke weed, relate to Obama. This is where the youth vote is coming from. They don’t want to serve their country in the Military, the same as Obama didn’t serve his Country. They just want to get high. The odd thing, when I was a kid the pot heads were so much mellower. Makes you wonder what they are putting in weed today?

    Did you know Obama could never have enlisted in the Military. It’s true, he admitted to using Cocaine, and once you admit to using a narcotic the Military “Can’t” take you. Obama can run for Commander and Chief but he could never serve in the Military. How is that for messed up.

    Just young potheads, relating to another pot head – a guy who said, on many occasions, I used to get high. That is the attraction.


  16. Chances are this demographic won’t be high, and will be voting like they always do, religiously.



  17. bellalu0

    I wonder if he can actually count on the youth vote. Many may be indisposed on election day.


  18. diogenes

    Boy, laree, you must be clairvoyant; you immediately and accurately identified me.

    Oh, except for a few minor details….

    I support Obama (unpaid). Right on the money.

    I’m over 50, gray-haired, a Republican, not a stoner. Ooops.

    There was no real reason to volunteer for the military when Obama came of age; the 1980s were pretty mellow, military-wise. Now, if you want to talk about politicians who were draft evaders when there was, in fact, military service to evade? George W. (the W standing for”Where the hell is Alabama’s National Guard?”) Bush, Big Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Newt Gingrich, Bill Clinton, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly… the list goes on and on.

    And Ginger? You tell me what that sweet little old lady had on her mind, when she couldn’t verbalize ANY reason for being so vehemently against Obama, other than a weak-ass “Because.”


  19. Ginger

    This is the end of my conversation here with you on this thread, diogenes. You have fulfilled your purpose on this subject as far as I’m concerned.

    Yes, “Because” is a weak-ass answer, but so is “hope and change” when you ask an Obama supporter to verbalize why they support the big O…that’s most any of them can answer.

    Go ahead and have the frickin last word if it continues to make you feel so important.


  20. bellalu0

    The lady said, “because I don’t want to.” That’s all she needs to say because she doesn’t have to explain to anyone why she is not voting for Senator Obama. It can be because she doesn’t like his voting record, what little there is of it, or it can be because she doesn’t like his background, or it can be because he is black or half black or half white, or because he said uh just one too many times. There’s no Board of Approval to make sure there is an “acceptable” reason for not voting for Mr. Obama.

    And claiming to know what she is thinking is really beyond arrogance.


  21. Obama -One of the weakest canidates the Dems have put forward in along time, it is almost like they want McCain to be elected. If I was a conspiracy theorist I would wonder if they had a back room deal?


    Obama is big among the pot heads, they all can relate to him getting high when he was young. He validates their so called lifestyle. I don’t know though if they are very good on follow through, like Voting regularly.


  22. diogenes

    There’s a helluva lot more people than “potheads” who are backing Obama’s candidacy, laree. Certainly enough to defeat St. Hillary, and hopefully enough to defeat McCain.

    I don’t know if I’d point out people parroting “hope and change” when this blog seemingly only puts up the same lame-ass anti-Obama crap stolen from other websites… most of which is totally fabricated. even this thread is totally bogus; there is a resonable, legal answer as to why the flag image had to be removed from the plane, but you PUMAs have to spin it to seem as if Barack Obama is somehow a lesser unpatriotic American because he doesn’t have a flag painted on his butt.

    That is downright inane.


  23. The 08 Presidential election is coming down to Obama vs Obama. Unfortunately Obama has been beaten down badly over the past 3 weeks. Now he is on vacation in Hawaii with “HOPE” the beatings from his ego. empty rhetoric, half baked programs will subside.

    Pictures above say it all. Obama racing around the country secure in his private cabin space, sitting on his Obama 08 throne, in a fuel guzzling private jet plane.


  24. diogenes

    Gee, doesn’t McCain have a campaign plane? Heck, McCain’s wife has her OWN jet, in addition to the campaign jet.

    Karl Rove must be proud of you disciples.


  25. That’s right Channelxrfr but I understand if they are not too high, Obama can count on the “high times’ crowd for votes. All the pot heads and coke heads, look up to Obama you can smoke and snort, and you too can run for President of the U.S. Why did the Democrats, pick the weakest canidate. Answer: We are making a “statement” it isn’t about winning. Sure everyone will get a “Participation Award” LOL!


  26. Bella

    This is from snopes.com you might want to add it to your above post.



  27. channelXRFR

    The McCain campaign plane is a smaller Boeing 737 setup in a more traditional congfiguration.


  28. diogenes

    You guys are hilariously stupid!

    laree, if you could get whoever reads this stuff to you to read a little more closely, you would have noticed that I gave the exact same snopes.com link in the very first post.

    bella, YOU could actually read it, too, and not wait until a sycophant like laree mentions it four days later.

    And if you really wanted to be even a little impartial (which, of course, you have no intention of doing, ever) you might notice that the Obama logo includes the flag flowing at the bottom of the O. Does McCain have a flag in his logo? Does his logo even include red, white or blue? (Well, yeah… WHITE)

    And channel? McCain’s campaign plane is a smaller 737. But, since his wife owns her own jet that the campaign uses when they wish, it kinda offsets the (ONE) slightly larger plane that the Obama campaign uses. 🙂


  29. According to Obama this isn’t part of his job description so he isn’t leaving the golf course. “O”bama is off the clock. He is a U.S. Senator. It is none of his business, what Russia does to Georgia.



  30. O poor little troll nobody will pet you.


  31. channelXRFR

    Obama’s campaign ride is a 757, McCain’s ride is a 737. Obama’s ride is not only larger it has been royally pimped out for the “ONE”.

    The whole inference of the wife’s plane is a non sequitur, has nothing to do with the campaign and is total nonsense.

    Truth is, Obama campaign has failed miserably over the past 3 weeks. Recent example? Releasing the “new” McCain celebrity attack ad two weeks after McCains just gives McCain’s effective ad new life, dumb, dumb, obama!


  32. bellalu0

    It looks like the Obamabats are just about ready to drink the poison. All reason has been suspended at this point. Can you sense the panic?

    But everything will be all right. Just drink this Kool-Aid.


  33. channelXRFR

    May not have noticed McCain’s campaign logo includes the silver star which was earned in the service of the country.


  34. bellalu0

    We need experience in the White House.

    Governor Bobby Jindal:

    “I think during these kinds of uncertain times you want somebody with Senator McCain’s record of bringing real leadership, real reform to Washington.” Governor Bobby Jindal.



  35. diogenes

    Wow, that’s a scoop: Bobby Jindal endroses John McCain???? Who woulda thunk it?

    Silver Star, yes. Almost HALF A CENTURY ago!!!!

    What has McCain done THIS century? Everything that Bushie tells him to.

    And laree, isn’t it kinda presumptuous for McCain to make “pronouncements” on behalf of the United States when it comes to the Russia-Georgia mess? People jumped all over Obama for acting like he’s already President; what the hell would you call what McCain did today? (Of course, it was somewhat excusable, since Bush was too busy at the beach volleyball match — holding the flag backwards — to worry about that silly foreign affairs stuff. Now THAT’S a guy who takes the whole month of August off!)

    Not panicking at all, bella. Just have trouble keeping track: everytime I figure you guys hit rock bottom on the idiocy charts, you find a way to lower that bar.

    By the way, how’s Hillary’s campaign going? It’s almost time to drown those kittens….


  36. channelXRFR

    No surprise, only star Obama’s America hating cult recognizes is the RED STAR.


  37. diogenes

    And here I thought Joe McCarthy and Red-baiting died in the 1950s.


  38. channelXRFR

    It’s just interesting that you failed to see the significance of the the Silver Star in the McCain Campaign logo. Which is made worse by the attempt to minimize the service represented by the Silver Star is insulting to all who have served.

    Can’t wait for Obama to explain the notion of “Social Justice” and the application within the context of the US Constitution….


  39. diogenes

    I have no idea what you’re going on about. McCain was a hero, he received and deserved, at the least, a Silver Star. But the fact is that was almost a half century ago. We’re not giving McCain an award for meritorious service, we’re voting for a President. And, quite frankly, he has done nothing positive since 2000; he’s Bush III. I voted for McCain in 2000 abd as a lot of people more eloquent than I have noted, the John McCain of 2000 would not vote for the John McCain of 2008. He’s sold out to the conservative base of the Republican Party because he wants to be President so badly.


  40. channelXRFR

    Obama 08 talking points, blah, blah, blah.

    Obama educationally, professionally and experientially does not come close to McCain!

    The Obama person who wants to be President so bad is the guy who has aligned himself to the Chicago Daley Machine and the William Ayers fraction of the Democrat Party.


  41. diogenes

    Educationally??? You’re joking, right??

    Obama: undergrad degree from Columbia University. Graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law.

    McCain: 894th in a class of 899 at the Naval Academy.

    Do you even think about facts before you post stuff? This is like shooting ducks in a barrel.


  42. channelXRFR

    Obama’s education prepared him to become a community organizer? McCain’s education prepared him to be a leader. Its the difference between a degree in home economics and physics.


  43. diogenes

    OK, this proves that you don’t give even a moment’s thought before typing. And undergrad degree from Columbia and a law degree, with high honors, from Harvard is equivalent to a degre in home economics? And finishing in the BOTTOM one percent at Annapolis, with obviously no advanced degrees, is equivalent to a degree in physics? And you guys talk about Obama supporters drinking Kool-Ade? You’ve lost touch with reality altogether.


  44. channelXRFR

    Grade inflation at the Ivys is a well documented trend. Graduating with high GPA from an IVY is not all that impressive.

    The course work at the military academies is not only more challenging, along with the successive commission and service is a far better preparation for Presidency then the IVYs provide.

    FYI: A degree from a Military Academy is the equivalent of a degree in physics.


  45. bellalu0

    John McCain:

    1958 – 1981 – Served in the United States Military

    Awards – Silver Star, Legion of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Meritorious Service Medal, Combat Action ribbon, Prisoner of War Medal, navy Expeditionary Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, national Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal

    Prisoner of War – for 5 1/2 years

    House of Representatives from Arizona – two terms

    U. S. Senate – 20+ years (first elected in 1986)


    Barack Obama:

    Illinois Senate – 1997 to 2004 (lost run for U. S. House of Representatives in 2000)

    U. S. Senate – (Elected 11/04, announced as candidate for president 02/07 after having served about 2 years in the Senate)

    Community Organizer and civil rights attorney


  46. channelXRFR

    McCain’s advance education? Let’s not forget he is an alumni of the National War College ’74.

    Also he commanded the Navy’s largest aviation squadron, VA-174, at Cecil Field in Florida (1975) Responsible for 1,000 personnel and fleet of 75 jets.


  47. diogenes

    Yeah. Sure, McCain is a genius, and Obama is an idiot.

    There IS no grade inflation at Harvard Law.

    And, whatever the school, if you finish 894 out of 899, you’re basically a dumbass. Further proof? Even though he was virtually a legacy pick (since his grandfather and father achieved the rank) McCain never made it to admiral, despite decades in the Navy. And he “attended: the War College when he was going through therapy after his release from captivity.

    This is where you morons lose all credibility. One thing that is CLEAR is that Obama’s academic credentials far exceed McCain’s. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Obama would outperform McCain as President — but you guys just cannot leave it alone. You cannot concede a single point, a single advantage that Obama might have oevr McCain. That “we can do no wrong” attitude is exactly why I won’t vote for McCain, especially after seeing what eight years of Bush’s similar attitude got us.


  48. channelXRFR

    Obama was the President of the Harvard Legal Review, which is an honor.

    But what about his tenure as a “Civil Rights Attorney? During the years Obama was affiliated with a law firm, he never formally was counsel of record in any lawsuit. Obama never argued a case in front of a jury. In fact he never even appeared before a judge. Attorneys describe his role as the legal equivalent of arm candy (bright young guy from Harvard, Pres of the Review).

    How does he claim the title “Civil Rights Attorney”?

    BTW He really wasn’t a “Law Professor” either. He was a lecturer and there is a big difference.


  49. bellalu0

    Obama supporters are known throughout the internet for their personal attacks on other posters who disagree with them and for disparaging their views with insults. Examples on this type of harrassment on this thread alone include such words as: crap, lying, deranged, weak-ass, lame-ass, hilariously stupid, on the idiocy charts, dumb-ass, morons, et cetera. If all else fails, the race card will then be played. As in: “If Obama wins, will you vote for him?” “No” “Why not?” “Because” What goes unsaid? “Because I ain’t ever gonna vote for a black man to run MY country!”

    Check it out. The majority of the time you find such references, it will be from someone who supports Barack Obama.


  50. channelXRFR

    The interesting aspect of “McCain’s Therapy” was he overcame the significant injuries from his time as a POW to return to flight status which made him eligible to assume command of VA-174.

    McCain turned down a promotion to Admiral.

    Class rank is an indicator but not a determinate of success. John McCain by any measure was a success in both his military and civilian service to the country.

    Comparatively, what has Barack Obama achieved?


  51. bellalu0

    University of Chicago statement concerning Mr. Obama’s status:

    “He was a Lecturer from 1992 to 1996. He was a Senior Lecturer from 1996 to 2004, during which time he taught three courses per year. Senior Lecturers are considered to be members of the Law School faculty and are regarded as professors, although not full-time or tenure-track.”

    Note it says “he taught three courses per year.”

    Now, what kind of job is that?


  52. channelXRFR

    University of Chicago notwithstanding, there is and ongoing discussion in the academic community regarding the distinctions between lecturer, teaching assistant, instructor, adjunct professor, assistant professor, associate professor and professor.

    Although one area of agreement seems to be lecturer is considered to be entry-level and therefore less prestigious.


  53. Bella,

    Or you just stop reading their comments, that works too:)


  54. diogenes

    “Lecturer” is not necessarily the lowest status at a law school. Many “adjunct” instructors are lawyers who practice law most of the time,but they comein to teach one or two courses each semester. Some lecturers are guys looking to move up the academic food chain, others are guys who enjoy practicing law, but like to “keep their hand in” academia.

    There are TONS of lawyers who don’t litigate. You’ve been watching too much Perry Mason.

    Sorry for calling lame-ass posts lame-ass posts, bella. If yoou all weren’t so uncritical of all things nonObama, there’d be a more civil discussion. But the critical thinking skills on here are apparently almost nonexistent.

    And don’t get too smug, bella. Some of the nonsense that gets posted here and elsewhere as “fact” is pretty contemptible. When people lie, it’s a lie, and it also tends to piss off the folks who have taken the time to find out the truth.

    McCain never would have made admiral, so he decided to resign and run for Congress. When the Navy got wind of his pending resignation, they offered him the rank of rear admiral, as a meritorious service recognition; he turned it down and resigned.

    The American people will do well by turning down the latest attempt to give John McCain a meritorious service award: the U.S. Presidency. Twenty or thirty years ago, he might have been a decent President; in 2008 he’s an almost empty shelll of the man he used to be…. and since he didn’t have that many smarts to begin with, he’s not intellectually capable of serving as President.


  55. bellalu0

    And you just proved my point.


  56. channelXRFR

    What makes Obama qualified to be President GPA, Sorry that gets you your first job after that its all about performance

    “Civil Rights Attorneys” litigate, 12 year entry level lecturer. Those who can do, those who can’t teach. Then there is the Obama category those that can’t do, those that can’t teach, run for President?

    Obama can read from a teleprompter and he is adored by many. That’s positive right?


  57. diogenes

    You’re entitled to your opinion about who’s better prepared to lead; I’m not arguiing that. My argument was with your ridiculous assertion that “Obama educationally does not come close to McCain.”

    Although, looking back now, I guess what you may have meant was that Obama’s academic qualifications were so much greater than McCain’s, they weren’t even close.

    Some civil rights attorneys litigate, some don’t. And I guess you just can’t comprehend that adjunct teaching staff/lecturers aren’t really “entry level” personnel if they never have the intention of becoming fulltime professorial staff. Obama wasn’t pursuing a tenure-track position, so it wasn’t “entry” level to anything.

    Obama has attributes other than reading off a teleprompter. At least he CAN read off a teleprompter; McCain could take some lessons.

    Obama wants to use the power of the U.S. to do something OTHER than going into foreign countries and blowing them up. We have the power to create alliances, use diplomatic tools, and generate some good will across the globe, instead of the “shoot first, ask questions later” mentality of Bush and McBush.

    That’s just one attribute Obama brings to the table.

    “Experience” is great and recommended. But, if your choices are between an inexperienced guy with sound judgment, and an experienced guy with lousy judgment, I’ll take the former any day of the week. McCain criticizes “Washington” for not addressing our energy needs for the last 30 years — and he’s been a member of Congress (a member who’s done nothing on that count) for 26 of those 30 years. So what does McCain’s experience gain us there?

    McCain doesn’t know Sunni from Shia, doesn’t know that Czechoslovakia hasn’t existed for a decade, has concerns about the Iraq-Pakistan border when Iraq doesn’t border Pakistan, etc etc

    Sorry: John McCain is way past his prime.


  58. channelXRFR

    The Naval Academy along with the War College afforded John McCain more focused and better preparation then Obama’s Columbia Harvard education.

    (Makes one wonder how much better Barack would have done in Columbia without drugs?)

    Academically, Barack Obama distinguished himself as President of the Harvard Law Review. Professionally he really did not distinguished himself either as an attorney or lecturer.

    Maybe Obama has some magic words he will use diplomatically but he certainly hasn’t demonstrated any extraordinary diplomatic ability.

    Barack has threatened to invade Pakistan though.

    In the past week he has not been particular effective in his responding to the Russian invasion of Georgia. If he really does have some magic words this would be a good time to use them. (Sort of like a water into wine moment.)


  59. diogenes

    Obama never threatened to invade Pakistan. I know that’s what the Republican/PUMA talking points say you’re supposed to say, but check it out yourself. Obama, when answering a hypothetical question about al Qaeda scooting and hiding inside Pakistan, said that he’d authorize military action (missiles) to take them out, if need be.

    Neither Presidential candidate should be speaking out as if they were President already, with regard to the Russia-Georgia clash. It’d be presumptuous.

    Oh, wait…. it’s only presumptuous if Obama speaks out, not McCain!

    And, for the record one more time: 894 out of 899. ‘Nuff said.


  60. Obama certainly has a very thin resume. Considering Obama’s professional career, what has he accomplished? As a member of the Harvard Review he did not publish. As a lecturer at the University of Chicago he did not publish. As a “Civil Rights Attorney” he did not publish or litigate. Just what distinguishes Obama professionally?

    Educationally Obama is ill prepared for the Presidency. The man has no management experience. Really has very little administrative governing experience.

    Of course this is the USA and people are free to base their vote on whatever criteria they choose. So your go ahead and vote for the best GPA Chicago Politics can buy and feel proud of yourself.


  61. diogenes

    And, since you’re obviously well-pleased by good ole boy dummy Republicans, you can feel proud to vote for Bush III.

    894 out of 899. 894 out of 899!

    “Please vote for me, my friends. Heck, there were 5 bigger dumbasses at Annapolis in 1958!


  62. channelXRFR

    The Military Academies are the first phase in person’s service. McCain has proven himself as an exemplary alumni of the USNA.

    I will vote for duty, honor, service, experience and accomplishment over academic GPA every time.

    It really is Obama vs Obama and the “ONE” is losing badly.


  63. diogenes

    894 out of 899. Calling him an exemplary alumnus is an insult to any other Naval Academy grad not in the bottom 1% of their class.

    Keep swiggin’ that Kool-Aid. There’s not been a poll anywhere that shows McCain ahead, even for a day. Check out this site; it’s pretty interesting stuff and not just because it shows Obama with a solid lead:



  64. Graduation for the USNA is the beginning of the journey. According to the mission statement of the U.S. Naval Academy John McCain is an unqualified success.

    To develop midshipmen morally, mentally and physically and to imbue them with the highest ideals of duty, honor and loyalty in order to provide graduates who are dedicated to a career of naval service and have potential for future development in mind and character to assume the highest responsibilities of command, citizenship and government.

    In life its not where you start, it’s where you finish that counts!


  65. diogenes

    And McCain will finish as a senator from Arizona.


  66. channelXRFR

    Biden graduated 76th out of 85 students at Syracuse Law School. So much for the GPA criteria…


  67. larrys

    Still far better than 894 of 899


  68. channelXRFR

    Hilarious, at least you have a sense of humor.


  69. Neo

    I’m sure by now, Obama’s chair is just full of “fart-holes”


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