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You Mean Obama Gave a Speech?

Hillary put 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling; Sarah Palin is “ready to shatter the sh*t outta’ that sucker.”

Red State Update and Bullwinkle weigh in on the Palin pick.  Warning.  This is not politically correct, which is why I love these guys.

Posted:  08.31.08

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MSNBC Says The Viewers Just Don’t Mind the Bias (Revised)

August 30, 2008

MSNBC is in a meltdown.  Just out: TMZ poll.  Don’t miss this chance to vote for your LEAST FAVORITE MSNBC pundit.  Least favorite — that’s putting it mildly.  They have it worded something like the most whiny and self-absorbed.  Keith Olbermann is leading the way with Chris Matthew coming in a close second.

More at:

LOS ANGELES – A mildly exasperated NBC News team Monday dismissed complaints about overcovering Barack Obama‘s Middle East trip this week as a lot of “hot air” – and also declared that MSNBC viewers don’t mind a bit if opinionated analysts like Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann anchor straight news coverage.

Neither NBC News President Steve Capus nor MSNBC commentator/anchor Keith Olbermann fully rose to the bait dangled earlier in the Television Critics Association convention by Chris Wallace of Fox News, who suggested among other things that MSNBC undercuts its own credibility by having opinion commentators anchor election night coverage.

“I don’t need to dignify” those comments with a response, said Capus. “Our audience gets it. They understand that on one night they may be playing a different role than on other nights.”

Yes, Mr. Capus, we get it all right.  We get that your coverage is just a hair short of being a campaign ad for Barack Obama.  You are not fooling anyone with your biased coverage.  But then again maybe you are.  it is not clear as to who the opinion commentators are and when they are expressing opinion or when they are acting as “serious” newscasters.  At the beginning of every single program, there should be a statement declaring to the viewers that the following presentation is by an anchor who is expressing his or her opinion, and, as a matter of fact, the entire program is close to nothing but opinion.

It is almost a joke to watch as the networks crown the presumptive nominee of the democratic party as king of America before our eyes.  I can’t wait until we all get a chance to vote.  Thank God we do get a chance to vote and I believe with all my heart that the “Chosen One” will not be elected president.

Posted:  07.22.08  Revised Post:  08.30.08


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The Marijuana Hall of Fame And/Or Real Men Use Condoms

Please watch.  It’s worth it.  You will see the parade of politicians who admit using marijuana, including Senator Obama who states that he inhaled, actually he inhaled frequently, because after all, that’s the point, right?

As Chris Matthews swoons, Howard Fineman is overcome with Barack Obama’s honesty — “He seems so REAL.”  Kiss, kiss, applause, applause, giggle, giggle.

Moving on.

Okay.  Now, let’s see.  Let’s just flesh this out a little bit.   We have learned that, according to Fineman, it is an “accepted part of the culture” and pretty cool to smoke a little weed.  I guess they forgot to mention it, but according to his autobiography, Barack also did some cocaine or “blow,” in his words.  But, hey, let’s not get bogged down in messy facts like that.

Anyhow.  Moving on.  We will now learn from Joe Biden how he has been trying to tell the guys in the Community how it is NOT unmanly to use a condom.  Oh, my.  What would Al Sharpton say about this?  Oops, there’s Al in the audience.  If looks could kill…..

Posted:  08.29.08  Revised:  08.30.08


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Sarah Heath Palin ~ McCain Running Mate

Surprise, surprise.  Sarah Heath Palin.  This is a great and courageous choice.  Wife, mother of five, Governor of the Great State of Alaska.  Her husband, Todd, is a North Slope oil field worker and commercial fisherman.  Son enlisted in the United States Army and will deploy to Iraq next month.  She is pro-life, a sportsperson with a lifetime membership in the NRA, and makes a compelling case in favor of drilling in ANWR.  She became Governor of Alaska in 2006.  She has an 80% approval rating in her state.

“She won’t invite lobbyists to her office and has introduced ethics reform legislation. One of her first acts as governor was to kill the now infamous “bridge to nowhere” pork-barrel spending project. And she put the former governor’s personal jet up for sale on eBay.”

Her father, Chuck Palin, said, “Holy cow,” upon learning that his daughter had been picked by McCain.

Governor Palin is from the town of Wasilla, Alaska, where she served as Mayor for two terms.  Wasilla was named after a respected local Dena’ina Indian, Chief Wasilla. In the Dena’ina language, “Wasilla” is said to mean ‘breath of air’.

This is a great day for women and for the country as she addresses the American people and as she reaches out and recognizes the accomplishments of Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Meanwhile, Senator Obama and his campaign issue statements about her “inexperience.”  Excuse me?

McCain/Palin 08

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Congratulations, Barack Obama


Posted:  08.28.08

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The American Flag at the DNC ~ Can You Find One?

Some have been playing a game called “Where’s The Flag?” trying to find an American flag as part of the theme of the Democratic National Convention.  They really searched.  They searched high and they searched low, outside, inside, and inside out.  Nope.  Nothing.

But as evidenced by the photo above, well, they finally found some.

There has been a lot said about the American flag when it comes to Mr. Obama.  There’s the discussion about the flag on his campaign plane (so small it has to magnified to be photographed),his reluctance to wear a flag pin or to place his hand over his heart during the national anthem, and I just posted a picture of William Ayers, Obama associate from Chicago, standing on the American flag.  See here:

The flag represents the government of the US and its policies; but it also represents the promise as yet unfulfilled of the Declaration, it represents our freedom of speech, our freedom to practice or not practice religion as we choose, it represents American values, it represents one nation in its glory, it represents hope for a better future, and importantly it represents the sacrifices made in all generations to protect our freedoms.


  1. stir crazySeptember 6th, 2008 at 11:57 pm Even my fifth grade students know that you do not ever throw a U. S. flag in the garbage. You find a way to recycle it or give it to the American Legion or the Vets to dispose of in a special ceremony.

Posted:  08.28.08


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Imus Speaks to Cavuto About Obama, Biden, and McCain

Neil Cavuto interviews Don Imus on August 26, 2008.  Imus says he’ll vote for McCain but he won’t commit suicide or move to Canada if Obama wins. 

He thinks Barack Obama is a phony and an empty suit and so do I.  Because, you see, he was not willing to give Imus the benefit of any doubt and was one of the very first of the self-righteous to jump up and to call for Imus to be fired.  He was not willing to take anything into the context of his life and the good works he had done, but YET he wanted us all to consider Jeremiah Wright’s words in the context of his life and works. 

Nor was he willing or able to realize that this was a job and a profession of 30 plus years in broadcasting and that Imus had a contract signed with CBS only a few months prior to the “incident” that specifically called for him to be outrageous and controversial.  Yet Mr. Obama wants us to consider the “genius” of his buddy, Ludacris, in the context of his career and talent even though Ludicris has written and has said some outrageous and offensive things. 

So, therefore, I judged Barack Obama as having no character or insight, no sense of fair play.  And, yes, a phony and an empty suit.   

Imus fans will never forget.

In spite of that Imus also expresses his feelings at the spectacular sight of an African American woman standing before the Democratic National Convention, and the country, to speak about her husband who is about to be nominated by the democratic party as a candidate for President.  I, too, am in awe of this and it was a touching moment to be sure.

I am very proud of the progress we have made as a country.  It is a historical moment and time.   Only in America. 

And, by the way, I am voting for McCain, too.

Posted:  08.26.08


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