Robert The Doll ~ Follow-up

I wrote earlier about Robert the Doll’s adventure traveling from Key West to Clearwater to attend the paranormal society meeting there due to his “haunted” reputation.  It was his first time to leave Key West in over 100 years.

See my previous post:

I thought this was an interesting account from someone who attended The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) gathering on July 18th and 19th.   As SuziQ states, TAPS is a paranormal investigation group based out of Warwick, Rhode Island. They also have a hit show on the Sci Fi channel called “Ghost Hunters”.

She gives a detailed account of her weekend with some great pictures.  See links below:

05.21.10 – I don’t know what happened to susieq’s blog.  But here’s something on Robert:

Posted:  07.31.08


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9 responses to “Robert The Doll ~ Follow-up

  1. WOW i just got a book with this in it and my aunt saw it on tv i think its soooooooooo kewl.


  2. i really hope you keep this up i luv this kind of stuff there is a ghost that lives in my house i can give you some stories
    well one night everyone was in bed and i had a habbit of getting up and walking around and my dad heard footsteps and thought it was me so he was yelling at me to get in bed and i said i am in bed and he was stilll yellling and all of a sudden you heard this SHUT UP and my dad still to this day hears footsteps but only when he has been yelling


  3. hi robert i was wandering if you can come to our school the name is Rick Schneider Middle School is on houston tx please my teacher of orchestra told ud your story if you can come visit us at 1:20pm on 2 november 2010 please come and visit us my teacher name is mrs ymbert ok come visit us at 1:20pm 2 november 2010ok all my class will be waiting for you ok bye


  4. Anonymous

    Dear Fatima, I am sorry to tell you I wont be able to make it to your school. They are not letting me out of Key West at this time. Maybe you can come by here and see me sometime.



  5. Hola, Reading a post is a real pleasure, thanks !


  6. margaret moore

    where can we go see robert the doll? im in muscatine iowa and me and my family would love to see him……….. and yes im part of the moore family from the axe muder house………….


  7. margaret moore

    we would love to go see robert the doll where can we go see him


  8. Anonymous

    hes creapyyy


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