Robert the Doll Leaving Key West for the First Time in 100 Years

— Robert has quite a reputation.  He is still dressed in his white sailor’s suit and clutching his stuffed lion, lives quite comfortably, though well guarded, at the Key West Martello Museum. Employs at the museum continue to give accounts of Robert being up to his old tricks still today…

But the Key West icon is leaving the island for the first time in more than 100 years.

Robert the Doll, whose legend has become a regular stop on ghost tours, will be featured at a paranormal conference in Clearwater. The doll is scheduled to appear at the Atlantic Paranormal Society Convention on July 19 and 20.

The straw-filled doll belonged to Key West artist Robert Eugene Otto, who received the toy as a child in the late 1800s.

As the legend goes, Otto and the doll became close and the boy often blamed the doll for mishaps and strange events. The doll eventually began to frighten others and was relegated to an attic room.

The story continues that Robert the Doll would taunt children from the window as they walked past the house.

He is creepy!

More details on Robert:

Encounters with Robert below:

Posted:  07.08.08


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5 responses to “Robert the Doll Leaving Key West for the First Time in 100 Years

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  2. Traci

    I myself visited ROBERT THE DOLL…. Not beleaving in such nonsense I made faces at it said a few choice words laughed and moched it after taking pictures of it i went on my marry way to finish the tour and visiting the keys “my honeymoon” took lots of pictures being at southern most point and riding our motorcycles to awesome places and of course the boat rides I would share these photos with everyone IF THE WOULD’VE CAME OUT!!!! I went home and sent film off to be printed to my HORROR everything from Robert on was all black I cried for days my honeymoon pictures were forever gone!!! Not to mention I got hurt while swimming I also fell back into the ocean of a deck sitting on it one of the motorcycles was damaged AND to top it ALL of we had a hurricane come so we left early… OK now I believe TRULY he paid me back for torturing him that day and I have gave my word that when I get back to Key West my first visit is to ROBERT THE DOLL to apologize!!! oh PS I am now divorced…. THANKS ROBERT NOT ALL YOUR CURSES ARE BAD!!!!! TRACI




  4. giselle

    ow scary


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