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Not Getting Over It

Don’t talk to me about “racial and cultural sterotyping”.   No.  Just don’t do it.   Because I can remember when there were separate bathrooms and water fountains,  separate schools, separate everything.  So I know what racism is.

Oh, it’s cool and easy and  politically correct today to decry racism and sterotyping and whatever term one wants to self-righteously throw around, but what about those of us who were speaking out and acting against it when it wasn’t cool and it wasn’t easy, and it was going against an establishment that had been in place for years, especially here in the south?  What about that?  What about the people of good will who actually took part in the destruction of the status quo?  And it is because of them that today we have African Americans in all walks of life in American society. 

Well, let me say, we didn’t just jump from the 1950’s to today.  There have been a whole lot of people both in public and private life who have made the progress possible, and, yes,  Bill and Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro are among them.  And they have actually been called racist recently.  Well,  that accusation has lost its power. 

And so now up pops Obama and his followers with all the privileges of America in 2008 and on the backs of those who came before them, they spit in the faces of the mothers, teachers, preachers, politicians, business men and women — people in high places and in low places who have worked a long time to get where we are today.   And we are now called racist and are kicked to the curb and not needed any longer–oh, yes, there’s a new coalition and the rest of us can just get over it.  And we have to listen to preachers who are Barack Obama’s spiritual advisors (not my words but his)  hurl insults at us and the country.

Yeah, I’m mad as hell about it, and I’m not the only one.   And we are not “getting over it”.  Unity?  There will be no unity.   (http://www.justsaynodeal.com)




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