The Presidential Seal Defaced

 The Great Seal of Obama? 

At a meeting in Chicago on Friday morning (6-20-08), Senator Barack Obama sat behind a low rostrum to which was attached an official-looking seal which looked a whole lot like the official seal of the President of the United States.

Except it had been defaced to be all about Obama.  Obama for America.  Obama website.  “Vero Possemus”  (Yes, We Can).  I’m surprised he doesn’t have his uplifted face in the middle.

All this and he isn’t even the official nominee.  I can only imagine what would happen if he were actually president. 

Posted:  06.21.08



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3 responses to “The Presidential Seal Defaced

  1. Diogenes

    Start imagining, He will be soon enough. (Actually, maybe not “soon enough” if Bush decides to nuke Iran or drown us under a puddle of offshore oil.)


  2. Barack’s Seal is pure cheeseball, pretentious, and juvenile. Will SNL jump all over this? I doubt it. With that seal it would be fitting for BHO to wear a Burger King crown when he is at the podium. With this latest piece of work I believe he might be a malignant narcissist.


  3. Diogenes

    I doubt SNL will jump all over it, too, but only because there won’t be a new SNL until September.


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