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A Good Report


In Charleston, South Carolina, eleven bank-type bags were stuffed with fake money, the bags were locked, and placed around the city as if dropped or lost.  The bags had printed on the outside “If Found Call #…..”. 

How many would call and turn the money in?  What would I have done?

Results:  9 of the 11 bags  were returned.

Posted:  06.16.08


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Tim Russert Gone at Age 58

Tim Russert, 58, dies unexpectedly today, (June 13) collapsing at work of an apparent heart attack. I am so sorry about his untimely death. Tim Russert is all intertwined in so many emotions I have over the unjust firing of Don Imus and the death of Imus in the Morning as it used to be and the way I loved it. Russert was what I thought to be one of Imus’ dear friends, almost godfather to his son, Wyatt, and when he didn’t go to bat for Imus against untrue accusations of racism, I was upset and angry with him.

Well, I think maybe they may have had a private understanding, I don’t know. And maybe they were still friends, as Russert did appear a time or two on the new IITM show. Although I still feel disappointed in his reaction back in April of 2007, I am nonetheless saddened for his family, his wife and son, and father “Big Russ” who has unexptectedly outlived him.

I think we all believe life will last forever. We know better, but we still go on as if it will never end. Things like this make me think about the fleeting nature of our lives and how we have to make each day count.

Jesse Jackson said, “no time to say goodbye, but then on the other hand, he died at work with his shoes on.”   If you’ve got to go, I think that’s a good way to do it.

Posted 06.15.08

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